10 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion trends may shift now and then depending on the seasons, but some pieces of clothing are so timeless and stylish that you just cannot live without them. Although we all have our personal style, there are a few essentials that every man should have in his closet, regardless of his age.

From a well-cut suit to a cozy pair of jeans, to understand the importance of these pieces, you can just take a look at any male mannequin at your local fashion store. Wardrobe essentials are usually pieces that you can wear almost every time, meaning that you should put some effort and choose them carefully. Once you have them in your closet, you can be sure that you will always have the right thing to wear, even if you are not a real fashionista.

What are the top 10 men’s wardrobe essentials and how to choose them? It is time to check if you already have all of them. If you follow our guidelines, you should have 10 new pieces in your wardrobe, which are:

  • 1 tailored suit
  • 3 different jackets
  • 3 pair of trousers
  • 3 shirts

Why Do I Need These Clothes In My Wardrobe?

Some people just don’t like having too many clothes in their wardrobe, either because they are minimalist or just because they hate shopping. However, once you got the perfect essentials in your collection then you will not need to buy many other pieces of clothing. You will always have all the necessary tools to build your ideal outfit for any occasion!

Tailored Suits

If you don’t plan to buy your first tailored suit until you get married, we may have some bad news for you. All men are going to need a suit sooner or later, meaning that it is time for buying one to add to your closet.

Nowadays, you can choose among many styles, although slimmer cuts are ruling the latest fashion trends. If you don’t want to stick to good, old black suits, you can still play with various colors, including grey. On the other hand, it is advisable to always prefer neutral tones, so that your suit can be more versatile (yes, this means that you can wear it even at your wedding).

Find Your Perfect Jacket

Find Your Perfect Jacket

Wearing a cozy hoodie every day is the dream of many of us, but you still need to have at least one jacket in your closet. However, one piece may not be enough, especially when it comes to jackets or blazers. Some of them are particularly formal, while others may be too sporty, and it is easy to get lost in your wardrobe until you just decide to give up and go back to your favorite hoodie.

As a general rule, men should have at least three jackets, which should be:

· One suit. This is the most formal piece and should come with a matching pair of trousers.

· One sport jacket, which may be of any color and fabric based on your preferences. This can be worn every day and can also be dressed down with jeans.

· One blazer. These pieces are perfect because they are in the middle, so they are versatile. They come in several colors, and can be styled with any other piece of clothing.

What about trousers?

When it comes to trousers, many men cannot choose their favourite pair between denim and some casual chinos. When in doubt, just pick both of them. If you want to be truly minimal, you only need one pair of denim and one of chinos.

Try to stick to neutral colors, such as medium khaki or caramel color, so that you can style your trousers with everything. For more formal situations, you should have dressier chinos or some wool trousers.


If you think that shirts must be worn only for formal occasions, we are here to make you change your mind. In fact, these pieces of clothing can be styled even to go out for a drink with your friends or to enjoy a walk with your dog.

You can find so many types of shirts available on the market that you cannot just buy one of them. Smart, casual, denim, sport and even leather shirts: there is a whole new world made of stylish clothes that are waiting for you to go and discover it.

Ideally, your closet should include the following:

  • One dress shirt that should be formal and always ready to be styled with your suit;
  • One sport shirt, which can be either light blue or white to go with everything;
  • One plaid shirt, because they are always the best choice if you want to feel cozy, but yet you don’t want to look too informal.