The Manliest Cool Beard Styles

Back in the ancient times, having a beard was a sign of wealth and status for Egyptians, and a sign of mourning for Romans. But in the present time, it is more of a fashion statement than a status symbol. For most men, it is an ultimate style accessory that is cheap, versatile and adaptable.

Beards can change the shape of a man’s face and it can completely modify how he looks in certain outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt or a suit. It can also make baby-faced men look older or more matured and manly. Aside from these, beards can also keep you warm during the winter season, and as well as protect your face from ultraviolet light. Today, there are lots of styles when it comes to beards. To know more, here are some of the different styles of beards.


This is the simplest style of beards and it is perfect for guys with baby faces because it can add maturity and sense of ruggedness to their aura. It is also an ideal beard style for those who find it difficult to grow thick and full beards.

Other Styles of Stubble Beards

Short Stubble: Among the stubble styles of beards, this one is the easiest to achieve. You will be able to grow a short stubble beard in just a few days after shaving and it looks very short.

Medium Stubble: This style is slightly longer compared to the short stubble. You can achieve it by growing the beard for 3 or more days. It can be between 3 to 5 mm long.

Long Stubble: This is the most challenging style to maintain among the stubble beards. It is also called the perfect five o’clock shadow because it presents an even darkening in the lower third of a man’s face, and it measures about 6mm.

How to Maintain

Though this is a low-maintenance style of beard, there are also some things you need to consider to keep it on point, such as regular trimming and conditioning.

To keep it at an optimum length, you should use a beard trimmer on a 3-4mm setting. Make sure to use a precision attachment so that you can remove any hair from the cheeks or below the Adam’s apple. You can also minimize the risk of painful ingrown hairs through skin exfoliation by using face scrubs twice a week. This is important especially for guys with an afro or curly hair.



This style of beard is worn on the chin just like a Billy Goat’s beard. It should have hair right below the lower lip. Its standard size should be the same as the width of the beard man’s mouth. You can grow a goatee by allowing the hair below your lower lip to grow down into the part of the beard growing on the chin. Sometimes, it can also feature hair above the lip.

This beard style suits men who want to look like a bad boy and those who have slim and angular faces. It is also a perfect style for men who find it challenging to grow full beards.

Other Styles of Goatee Beard

Van Dyke
Tiered Goatee

Extended Goatee: This style is also known as the tailback or the Hollywoodian. It is a combination of the goatee and the mustache. It looks like a mustache connected to a beard without the sideburns.

Van Dyke: Van DykeThis beard style is a combination of a goatee and a mustache, but the rest of the cheeks should be completely smooth and free of hair. Its name came from Anthony Van Dyke who is a Flemish painter in the 17th This was his signature beard style.

Anchor: This beard style resembles a nautical anchor. In this style, the man’s face should be free of sideburns, but there should be a beard that extends along the jawline and styled to a point. It is a combination of chinstrap, goatee, and handlebar beard styles.

Chinstrap Goatee: This beard style the man’s face should be free of sideburns, but there should be a beard that extends along the jawline and is styled to a point on the chin. Looking like a chinstrap on the face.

How to Maintain

If you think a goatee is easier to maintain because it only takes a fraction of the size of a full beard, then you’re wrong. This beard style requires precision management as well as a steady hand.
You should allow your facial hair to grow to a length you feel comfortable, then maintain it with a beard trimmer. You can use your jawline as a guide on where to end your goatee. You can also use a razor and a shave gel or oil to keep the skin around your goatee clean-shaven.

Full Beard

Full Beard

This is one of the hardest styles of beard to grow because it requires lots of maintenance. It is best for men who have oval faces, but those who have any other face shape, creative trimming might be needed for it to look good.
It has a very distinct shape as it starts from the cheek line and everything below is left to grow naturally. This beard style takes a lot of time to grow and you might get strange reactions from people during its growing phase.

Other Styles of Full Beards


French Fork: This full beard style is characterized by hair extending past the chin and splitting down the middle into two segments. The fictional character, Jack Sparrow, sports this style of full beard.

The Ducktail Beard: This full beard style resembles the tail of a duck. For most beards men, this style is a perfect compromise between the wild character of having a beard and well-groomed sophistication.

Dutch Beard: This is known to be an old-school beard style. It is a large and long beard that is connected by sideburns. It is allowed to flare outwards at the bottom. This full beard style is commonly associated with the lumberjack type of facial hair.

Verdi: This is a full beard that has been slightly styled. It also features a mustache that is separate from the beard. The beard should not be longer than 10 cm in length and the mustache should not grow more than 1.5cm past the corner of the mouth.

Garibaldi: This style of full beard is best for men who want a slightly unkempt style. This is a wide and full beard that has a rounded bottom combined with a mustache. The mustache should be kept clean while the beard is allowed to grow naturally.

Bandholz: This full beard style came from Eric Bandholz who is the founder of Beardbrand, a company that creates men’s grooming products. It was in 2011 when he felt the urge to grow a beard and pursue his “urban beardsman lifestyle”. This beard style features a mustache that is connected to a full beard. It is allowed to grow freely at any length.

How to Maintain

To be able to keep your full beard glossy and conditioned, it is advisable to use a beard oil. This will help keep the skin underneath your beard moisturized. You can also use a beard comb to brush it daily, minimizing the risk of tangles. If you want to increase its bushiness, you can blow-dry it. You should also have it professionally shaped by a barber on a regular basis.


Circle Beard

circle beard

This is an ideal beard style for men who want a neater appearance. This style combines a mustache and a rounded goatee to create the distinct round shape. It is a great beard style to conceal a softer jawline and skin breakouts. It also works well for men who have square-shaped faces and jaws.

How to Maintain
The circle beard style is very easy to maintain. You just have to trim and shave it regularly for it to retain its round shape and short hair.

Short Beard

Short Beard

This is the neater version of the full beard. It is also more versatile and an office-friendly alternative as well. Some of the famous men who have used this beard style are Ryan Reynolds, Jon Hamm, and George Clooney. This beard style can also suit most face shapes, but you might also tailor its angles to emphasize your best features.

How to Maintain

This is much easier to maintain compared to full beards. You can use a wet razor to remove any stray hairs on the cheeks. This can also help keep your lower neck area smooth. In using a trimmer, you should always trim just outside the line of your beard to leave room to tidy it up using a razor. To keep your short beard looking good, applying a beard oil can help as well.

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops

This style of beard is a fancy term for longer sideburns that extend down to the corners of the mouth. To grow this type of beard, you must let your sideburns grow to the corner of your mouth freely. Then, remove a part of the sideburns, creating an imaginary line at each corner of the mouth. Its bottom edge should be clearly defined along the edge of the jawline.

Other Style of Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton Chops: The friendly mutton chops beard style has sideburns that extend to the edge of the mouth and are connected to a mustache. The mustache part is its main difference from the regular mutton chops.

How to Maintain

You can maintain this style of beard by regularly trimming it and shaving the bottom part of the sideburns. You can also have it professionally shaped by a barber. Using some beard oil or conditioner will also help keep it looking good.

These are some of the manliest cool beard styles today. In choosing a beard style, you must pick one that will match your facial structure, as well as your willingness to commit to good grooming habits. More than being a fashion statement for men, beards can also be a sign of discipline and an expression of self.