The Manliest Cool Beard Styles of 2015

Congratulations. You have a beard that evokes images of manliness and superiority to all those weaker men beneath you that can’t, or don’t have the guts to sport a beard. Since time immemorial, men have grown beards as a way to show their strength, status and power.

Men that can grow a beard strike fear in the hearts of the bare faced baristas of the world. They secretly want what you have and now it’s time for you to take full advantage of your genes and decide on a style that works best for your face and structure.

And remember, beards aren’t just a symbol of manliness, but they also serve well to keep you warm in the winter and protect your face from ultraviolet light. Wear your beard proudly, but don’t forget that a well-groomed beard is the key to invoking envy and attraction in the fairer sex.

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The Shadow

This beard works well for men that can grow facial hair quickly and have a good, strong chin. If you want to wear this style of beard, the trick is to make it look like you have just too much testosterone coursing through your veins to ever get a decent shave. At the same time, you want to keep the beard tidy, give it shape and make sure it doesn’t look sloppy or messy. Trim just below the jaw line to help outline your jaw and use good trimmer everyday to get the right look.

A close relative to this style is the stubble look, ever so slightly longer, in which you also need to maintain good grooming habits to prevent looking like a bum. For men with fair hair and men with light or medium facial hair growth, this will be more attainable than a shadow, since you probably hardly get that effect.

Bottom line is that you need to not shave for 1-3 days, then make sure you carefully trim it daily for a shadow and once every 2 or 3 days for a stubble look.

Recommended Tools For This Style

TrimmerMangroomer Scruff Sculptor Pro – While not the best trimmer overall, it’s the closest stubble setting you can get (and specializes in stubble and shadow trimming) and has some handy features like a ‘whisker belly’ that catches some of the cut hair.

DetailerPhilips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer – The exact outline of your beard is very important when it’s so short, so make sure you pick up something that is meant specifically for the fine details. This unit is one of the top rated grooming tools on the market today.

Oil/Conditioner: Virtu Beard Oil by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. – It’s incredibly important if you’re doing regular trimming to keep both your face skin and your beard hair constantly moisturized. While you don’t have to break your ways if you’ve never used it before, we highly recommend you at least give it a shot before you knock it!

Short Boxed Beard

The short boxed beard is an all around strong beard style that works well for those that don’t want to go the full beard route. This beard is carefully sculpted and requires work to maintain. Using a close crop and defined edges it showcases the cheekbones and helps to outline the jaw. This option works well for people that don’t have a prominent chin and can help give a more robust look to your face. The hairline extends just an inch or so below the chin and doesn’t go all the way to the neck. Managers and other professionals can sport the short boxed beard while still maintaining a put together, professional look. The short boxed beard is perfect for angular, oval, heart-shaped and round-shaped faces.

Be careful if you’re going for this, as it’s slightly less than a full beard, as we mentioned, and you want to be very careful you do NOT cut your neck line too high. It can really make you look like a doorknob and give you a really unflattering line where your beard ends and your neck begins.

Recommended Tools For This Style

TrimmerPhilips Norelco QG3380 Multigroom Pro – This has multiple heads you can easily switch between, including a foil shaver and a small detailing trimmer. This will make sure you can get both a really high quality trim for the majority of your beard, but also do the detail work this style requires.

Oil/ConditionerVirtu Beard Oil by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. – Like the shadow/stubble look we talked about above, it will be important for you with a fairly short beard, to keep things clean and well maintained to make sure you don’t look like a slob. Try this out if you’re going to be keeping things fairly short with a fair bit of shaving (like on your neck and cheeks).

Tight Beard

The tight beard comes in close on the face and uses a trimmer setting of about 2 millimeters. However, for the most professional look, you may want to invest in some specialty beard trimming shears. The beard provides the face with definition and strong character, but it also requires you to be able to grow hair higher up on the chin. The tight beard stops midway up the cheek to and connects fairly evenly with the mustache, line. This beard requires you to pay special attention as it grows out to prevent it from getting too long. Those that grow facial hair extremely quickly may not like the amount of maintenance required to keep this beard looking trim and neat.

This is very similar to the short boxed beard, but extends up the cheeks a bit more. Think of it like this in terms of progression of face coverage: Chin Strap > Short Boxed Beard > Tight Beard > Full Beard.

Recommended Tools For This Style

TrimmerPhilips Norelco QT4014 – An all around great trimmer, you won’t have any difficulties keeping up with either the short length requirements or the little bit of detailing work that goes into this beard style.

Olde English

Olde English incorporates several beard styles into one manly and rugged look. Think mutton chops with a thick beard that goes all the way to the chin line. It provides full facial coverage stopping just short of covering the cheekbones. This beard style comes with its own personality and once you grow it, people simply won’t know what happened to you if you change styles. It’s the type of style that gives you a unique look and character. This style works great for musicians, authors and those that need to be remembered. It’s also a good option for those with a weaker jawline and chin.

Credit Wahl

Recommended Tools For This Style

TrimmerPanasonic ER224S – Because of the potential to have this beard be fairly long, you might want to op for the very versatile ER224s. It has 14 length settings and goes all the way up to 20mm, which is one of the longest lengths you can find on a beard trimmer.

Conditioner: Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. – As you start growing your beard out a bit, you’ll want to make sure you take very good care of it. It becomes a big part of your style and who you are, so if it’s not well groomed, you risk looking unkempt and like a slob.

Full Beard

No discussion of beards would be complete without talking about the full beard. It requires very little maintenance and is arguably the most popular beard style. Use a trimmer set at about 4 to 6 millimeters to keep it looking neat. Or, let it grow out even further to provide a thick, masculine appearance. The full beard completely covers the upper lip, cheeks, chin and goes all the way back to the neck. It works great for any facial structure, but the style does require some patience if your facial hair grows slowly. Many men quit before obtaining a full beard. Other men will respect you if you wear a full beard properly. Those with beards know how much effort and maintenance goes in to taming a beard and making it look presentable. For those that can grow a full beard, it is still the most sought after bearded style.

Recommended Tools For This Style

TrimmerPanasonic ER-CA35-K – This has the longest length setting available. Sure, you can do the full beard with a pretty short shave, and this will cover you for that, too, but if you’re rocking the classic, full-on face-covering beard, you’ll want a longer setting, I’m sure.

ShearsUtopia Care Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shears – Again, if it’s a longer style you’re after, you may have to skip the trimmer and go with the shears. If you’re the manliest of men and can grow a good beard without shaving (this is super rare – a lot of guys THINK they can pull this off but can’t, so if you really can…you the man!), forgo all trimming, but if you need just a bit of help, getting good with shears can be very helpful.

Conditioner: Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. – Again, with any length of beard over a few millimeters, you’ll want to keep it very well ‘fed’ with nutrients so it doesn’t get scraggly and dry and unclassy.

Choose a style that works with your facial structure and your willingness to commit to good grooming habits. If you want to be lazy about your facial hair, you’re better off joining the masses that shave daily and don’t have the willpower to maintain a beard. A beard is a status symbol and if properly maintained it shows a strong degree of discipline. Most importantly, a beard is an expression of yourself. The colors, texture and shape all say something about you, so take your time when cultivating your beard and develop a style you can call your own.

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