The Best Beard Trimmer Reviews and Comparisons

Best Beard Trimmers

If you’re a guy with facial hair and you don’t dig the homeless look, you’ll need to get yourself a beard trimmer, it’s as simple as that.

Manliness smiles upon the recent resurgence of the beard and mustache as many dudes become patrons of fine whiskers. The thing that hasn’t fully caught on yet, though, is that there absolutely needs to be maintenance involved with your manly stubble. This means as little as a regular trim, or as much as a full blown trimming and grooming kit, complete with comb, wax, and scissors.

Looking for the most fundamental piece of the entire operation? That’s the beard trimmer, and we’ve got you covered. We provide actual, real reviews of each model, complete with a video, full text outline, and where to get the best deal for each unit. First thing’s first – you want the quickest way to find the best unit? Use our chart below to discover the Top 10 Trimmers based on price, performance, quality, and real customer reviews.

Top 10 Beard and Mustache Trimmers: Comparison Chart

Beard TrimmerLength SettingsMax. LengthCorded/CordlessRatingPriceBuy Now / Reviews
Philips Norelco QT4070


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Trym II


Oster Fast Feed


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Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano


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Philips Norelco QT4014


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Wahl Peanut


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Philips Norelco G370


Panasonic ER-224-S


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Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro


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Remington MB-200


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Braun Cruzer 6


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Each of these is chosen for various reasons – some because they offer immense value for a low price, others because they are simply the very best at what they do, and others because they’re just so versatile. Click on the brand or picture to find out the current price, read more reviews, and even to place your order online. Remember, if you have any questions about any of these, send us a note and we’ll be happy to give you our take on things.

A Quick Rundown on Trimmers and Why You Need One

OK, so if you’re going to show off your manliness with a beard, you’ll probably need a trimmer. Sure, in some cases there are guys out there who can grow a wicked long beard and have it grow perfectly. We’ll let those guys sit in an armchair by the fire, sipping whiskey and stroking their perfectly grown whiskers.

For the rest of us, a trimmer is an absolutely essential tool that you must have if you’re going to rock a beard.

These tools are a lot like the clipper used to cut hair on your head, it’s just that they’re typically tailored for your face, which means they’re usually an extremely sharp blade with a smooth guard to stop pulling or irritation, they may have heads designed specifically to match the contours of your face, and they’re more gentle.

They come from the ultra-plain, where you get an on/off switch and 3 guide combs to the ultra advanced, with things like vacuums to catch the cut hair, laser levels to make sure you get a straight edge, and turbo boost buttons to give you extra power.

Your needs will depend on what kind of facial hair you have (thin, medium, or thick), what style of beard you prefer, your budget, and whether you want an all-in-one unit to give you that extra versatility.

How Do You Choose The Right One?

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to determine what your needs are before you can figure out what to get. The things to look for are:

  • Number of Length Settings – If you’re not sure exactly what length you want to trim your beard, it can help to get a device with a high number of settings with a wide range of lengths. Getting a unit like this also helps if you are taking the extra care to taper your beard into your neck and cheek line by shaving in tiers to get that natural look.
  • Quality – Generally these are high quality units, particularly the ones we’ll be talking about, but it’s always best to go with a brand you know is trustworthy.
  • Price – This is totally up to you. We’ve seen great products from $15 all the way up to $100+. Usually you get what you pay for, but there are a few real bargains out there that give you tremendous value. We’ll show you what those one are in our reviews.
  • User Reviews – Reading what a lot of other people think of the item is one sure way to see how good it is. We find that Amazon has great reviews from real people, though of course they’ve all got their biases, so it’s not a perfect system.
  • Beard Institute Reviews – Our specialty. See the trimmer from box to finished trim. We’ll address the features, benefits, and downfalls of all the units we look at, and give you our opinions on who would benefit from using a particular trimmer. Combine our review with individual user reviews and you’ll be set to make an informed decision.

Need just a bit more info than the chart above, but don’t have time to look through the rest of the site? Here’s a quick run down of our favorite trimmers with a brief review and where to get the best deal.

Philips Norelco QT4070

Philips Norelco QT4070 Beard TrimmerThis has to be one of the most popular grooming items out there. Philips has a huge line of great trimmers, and this is at the top of the pyramid. Complete with a vacuum to catch cut hairs and a turbo boost button to really make sure you can get through thick, coarse, and long hair, this is full of cool technological features.

You’ll also get huge versatility with the 18 different length settings available, which will give you the ability to shave from a .5 mm stubble to a nice, full 18 mm beard. The length range on the QT4070 is one of the highest of all clippers on the market.

It allows for corded or cordless use, has a handy digital display for the length and battery life, and boasts an insanely quick 1 hour recharge time that will give you up to 50 minutes of trim time. Basically, you can’t beat this unit on pure specs – for most people, this is one heck of a tool.

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Oster Fast Feed

Oster Fast Feed Beard TrimmerUsed by professional barbers and stylists, the Oster Fast Feed 76023-510 is an insanely powerful and long-lasting piece of grooming machinery.

It’s typically used for hair cuts, but has a great following of people who swear by it for their facial hair grooming needs. It’s nearly unbreakable, will cut through any type of hair you put in it’s way, never seems to lose power, and is quickly becoming a classic in the community.

The cord is 8 feet long, and since it’s always plugged in, you never have to worry about it running out of battery or losing power mid-shave. It comes with 4 guide combs, a blade guard, oil, and a cleaning brush, and with the length guides plus the ability to flick a switch and actually change the blades from a close to medium shave, you have a decent amount of flexibility to get the right cut for your beard. It’ll also give you an incredibly close shave if you’re edging and need a super straight, sharp line.

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Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano Series

Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano Beard TrimmerThis thing is so good, it’s definitely among the top 3 most popular clipper sets we have come across over the past little while. All around, the Milano Series rocks – price, quality, features, you’ll love it.

To start off with, it’s one of the few units that rivals the QT4070 when it comes to length options. In fact, it has 19 lengths from 1 to 10 mm, meaning you’ll get the exact length you’re looking for every single time. You can use it for both wet and dry shaving (with and without shaving cream), and you simply remove the guide to use the ‘naked’ blade for detail work.

One of the greatest things about this is that it is absolutely waterproof. It’s designed specifically to be cleaned under water, as it has a channel on the head of the unit that takes water in and directs it up through the blade from the back, which cleans out those hairs that other trimmers always leave behind. Easy to clean, usable in the shower, feels great in the hand while in use, and 50 minutes of trim time after charging…it’s a really solid all-around unit and doesn’t give up performance for anything.

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Philips Norelco QT4014

Philips Norelco QT4014 Beard TrimmerThe titanium coated blades sharpen themselves and will demolish any facial hair that gets in their way. They’ve even rounded the tips of the cutting surface to make sure the comfort of using the QT4014 goes all the way from your hand on the ergonomic handle to the tips of the blade on your face.

This is a really good, no-nonsense unit that doesn’t have many bells and whistles but does do an incredible job when it comes to doing what it’s supposed to – cutting your beard. It’s got 20 settings for maximum versatility, can be cleaned by running the end under water, and has one of the top ratios for charge to trim time at 1 hour of charging and 50 minutes of trimming.

You can use it corded and cordless, so it’s great for at home and travel. What we like most about it is that it doesn’t try to impress you with a hundred features and buttons. It’s very basic, and because of that, it is able to give you a great cut without breaking the bank, and doesn’t have any bits and pieces that are prone to breaking and ruining the experience. An all around solid model.

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Wahl Peanut

Wahl Peanut Beard TrimmerDefinitely the strangest shape of any trimmer on the market, the Wahl Peanut is an absolute monster when it comes to beating the competition in pure hair cutting ability. Don’t be fooled by the tiny size and strange shape – there are people who have used their Peanuts for 10+ years and say it still runs like new.

Great for cutting hair, many people have discovered that the small size of the body and the blade make for a very maneuverable and comfortable beard trimmer. It actually weighs less than 4 oz (100 grams) but has consistently received top marks for it’s ability to mow through hair of all kinds. It’s corded and has only 4 attachments that come with it (more are available to buy separately), and even with what is seemingly a small package, you wouldn’t believe how people rant and rave about this thing.

We strongly suggest you have a look at this popular, highly-rated trimmer for yourself if you’re looking for something small and nimble that has the potential to last you for years.

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