Philips Norelco QT4070 Trimmer

The QT4070 is the biggest brother of the the QT-models by Philips Norelco. It has the most perks, lengths, combs, and one of the quickest charges to full battery, while still having the same no-fuss design like the rest. The comfortable handle and easy to switch length are just a couple of the many pros to this model.

With an impressive number of length settings, you’ll be able to get that perfect beard whether you keep it a bit bushy, or have a more tailored style.Shop Beard Products

The Written Review

Here’s where the fun starts. The QT4070 comes built with a vacuum to suck up those falling hairs as you trim, so you’re not going to be left with a sprinkled sink or mini hairs caught in the collar of your shirt. Of course, this vacuum isn’t the hoover you use in your house, but it does a pretty solid job of catching most of the hairs to limit the amount of clean up after your shave.

There is a convenient wheel located near your thumb when holding the unit that allows you easily change the length setting. You have an impressive 18 lengths to chose from, raging between 1mm to 18mm, which is displayed in the electronic display, as well as 2 comb attachments (1 normal and 1 “contour” comb). With this, you’ll be able to the personalized beard you need, from even length all over to the most intense fade.


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A great option with the QT4070 is that you’re able to use cordless or while it’s plugged in and charging. You can get 50 minutes of cordless use after about a 1 hour charge, so you still have a pretty fair amount of time to take care of business. At least you won’t be in a pickle if you forgot to charge it the night before.

Finally, there is a cool turbo button this unit. When you activate this, it will speed up the blades and fan to allow you to cut through coarser hair faster and more accurately (all while increasing the vacuum speed). Apparently. It’s been said by actual users that this function isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. You should be able to get a good enough trim without engaging the turbo, especially since it will drain the battery in no time.

Final Mark from the Beard Institute

You’ll be seeing a video review up here soon, but while we work on that we just want you to know that this is pretty solid option if you like a sleek, no hassle design while still getting some of the fun perks and a reliable trimmer.

  • Charge: 1 hour charge for 50 minutes of use
  • Length Settings: 18 (from 1mm-18mm), and 2 comb attachments
  • Features: Has a vacuum to suck up most falling hairs and reduce the mess afterwards
  • Price$473.03
  • Amazon Rating:

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