The Remington MB200 is a solid, classic, and no-strings-attached unit. What you see is what you get, though that certainly isn’t a bad thing. This unit will do what you want it to very well. You can use it as an extremely close trimmer/edger by removing the guard, or you can trim up in 9 different lengths with the attached and adjustable settings.

This guy won’t break the bank, running you about what a drug store trimmer will. So why not get a model by a reputable brand?

Where to Buy
Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

The Written Review

With this Remington MB200 model, you’re getting a pretty classic model. In no way is this bad, it just don’t have any of the pointless gimmicks some other trimmers have.

What you are getting, is some high quality blades with a decently powered motor. The blades in this guy are titanium, long lasting, “lubed for life” as they say. This all contributes to a low maintenance, easy to use, and very precise unit.

You have 9 length settings to use, all changeable at the tip of your fingers. There are no extra attachments for this trimmer since it is all built in and adjustable. The lengths vary between 1.5mm to 18mm in these measurements:

1: 1.5 mm / .06″
2: 2.5 mm / .10″
3: 4.0 mm / .16″
4: 5.5 mm / .22″
5: 7.0 mm / .28″
6: 9.0 mm / .35″
7: 11.0 mm / .43″
8: 14.0 mm / .55″
9: 18.0 mm / .71″

You can get even shorter if you need to do some edging just by removing the guard.

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There’s no special holders or cases included with this, but that should hardly be a deal breaker. Not too many of the mid-range trimmers will come with one, and if they do, they ofter run for a lot more money. You don’t really need one with this model anyways since it doesn’t have any attachments or extras to keep track of.

It is battery operated which can cause a bit of annoyance if you have none handy, but if you keep a few extra AA batteries in the drawer with you, you’ll be alright. This also makes it handy to travel with. Packing and keeping track of cords can be a pain in the butt

Final Mark from the Beard Institute

This guy is definitely a great option for men with more simple facial grooming needs who like the job done right. We’ll have a full video review up for you soon!

  • Charge: Takes 2 AA batteries
  • Length Setting: 9 (ranging from 1.5mm-18mm)
  • Features: Self sharpening, “lube for life”, titanium blades for maximum quality shave
  • Amazon Rating:3.8/5

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