Wahl is one of the industry leaders when it comes to mens grooming, and are very widely trusted.

They’ve introduced this amazing bargain of a trimmer, the Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless Battery Operated Beard Trimmer with Bonus Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer. It has a long name and a lot of extras for one wicked low price. It’s great for light trimming, edging and cleaning up. Since it doesn’t have a super powerful motor, just don’t go too crazy.

Where to Buy
WAHL Beard Trimmer With Additional Personal Trimmer, 5537-1801

The Written Review

This bargain of a trimmer sure comes with a decent amount of extras for the incredible price. You’ll get the beard trimmer, the ear/nose/brow trimmer, your five-position guide, 3 different guide combs (1/16, 1/8, and 3/16-inch), a blade guard, a mustache comb, a cleaning brush, blade oil for maintenance, a storage base, and the user manual for the unit. Not bad, hey? Just try not to be too rough with the attachments, because although the bargain Wahl trimmers are pretty solid, the guide combs have a notorious bad rap.

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Both of the trimmers that come with this are pretty easy to take care of. There is a tube of oil to keep the blades running smoothly, and a little cleaning brush to get all those extra hairs out of the blades.

Neither of them need to be charged, so as long as you have some AA batteries handy, you’ll be good to go. This makes it a really good unit to take traveling.

It’s great to have that extra small trimmer for your nose, ears and brows. You never know when you might have a few longer stragglers hanging around. This whole unit is great for those smaller jobs; edging, cleaning up hair/neck lines, under the nose, sideburns, and anywhere else you need a little trimming. Unfortunately it’s not meant to be used for full face/head trims. It does a great job at what it’s meant for though!

Final Mark from the Beard Institute

Full reviews are coming site wide, but we think this Wahl trimmer is a pretty good choice for guys on a budget that mainly just need to maintain edges, lines and keeping sharp.

  • Charge: Facial trimmer takes 2 AA batteries, ear and nose trimmer takes 1 AA battery
  • Length Settings: 3 standard guide combs and a 5 position guide
  • Features: Bonus ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer included
  • Amazon Rating3.7/5

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