8290 Detailer

When it comes to trimming your beard, you want to make sure you have precision and efficiency. Lots of all-in-one trimmers claim to do this, though they are fit with a pretty wide trimming edge. This unit has a slim edge to let you get to the tighter corners.

This Wahl 8290 Detailer is a man’s best friend. From cleaning up your chest or back to cleaning up your face, this small yet powerful detailer has just what you need and no annoying gimmicks.

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Wahl Professional Detailer Trimmer with a Powerful Rotary Motor and T-Blade perfect Lining and Artwork for Professional Barbers and Stylists - Model 8290

The Written Review

Don’t like the trimmers that claim to do it all? If you find that having a separate unit for heavy trimming and one for edging/cleaning up is necessary, then this little guy is a great option. It’s designated smaller design is to help you keep the hairs you want, and trim away what you don’t. Cleaning up around a goatee, getting rid of your neck-beard and getting that oh-so-clean line around your chin, sideburns, mustaches, you name it. The 8290 is here for you.

This unit also comes with 3 length comb attachments so that you can keep some edges not skin-close, and even add a little fade where you want to. They range between 1/16″ and 1/4″ so you can customize a bit.

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Now just because this trimmer is small, doesn’t mean that it’s weak. It has a surprisingly powerful motor and being small, it doesn’t take up your entire drawer or cause a hassle when getting to the harder to reach/see areas. The cord is not one you have to worry about plugging into the trimmer. As long as you have it plugged into the wall, it will never die out on you (never would have guessed, right?).

Like mentioned above, this isn’t quite like other trimmers in terms of size. While most have a wider blade and trimming edge, this fine point detailer has a narrower head. You’ll be able to make some pretty nice lines without cutting into the parts you want to keep.

Final Mark from the Beard Institute

After all is said and done, we want you all to have the facial hair you dream of, and this Wahl detailer is certainly a top contender.

  • Charge: No charge time, has a long cord
  • Length Settings: 3 length guards and can be used guard-less
  • Features: Narrow head to get the finer lines
  • Amazon Rating4.0/5

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