You can get some of the most intricate styles and best shaves with Braun trimmers and shavers. A few we’ve taken a hard look at 2 trimmers out of their Cruzer line: The Cruzer 6 and the Cruzer 6 Precision. These units are a great option for quick, at home clean ups or if you like to spend more time to get a more specific look, they can do the job just as well.

Definitely check out the reviews we have on these guys below:

Where to Buy
Cruzer 6
Cruzer 6 Precision
Ultimate Hair Clipper
Durablade Hybrid Trimmer

1. Cruzer 6

Our review: Cruzer 6

2. Cruzer 6 Precision

Our review: Cruzer 6 Precision

3. Ultimate Hair Clipper

Our review: Ultimate Hair Clipper

4. Durablade Hybrid Trimmer

Our review: Durablade Hybrid Trimmer

Braun has been an industry leader for many small appliances ever since their founding in 1921 by a German man named Max Braun. He began by making radio components in the 1920’s, and became very successful by the 30’s due to the type of materials he was using. Once the company had taken off, Braun started producing entire radio sets and soon after became one of Germany’s leading radio manufacturers. From this point onwards, Braun became bigger and bigger every year after producing new and extremely useful products (especially for the time!). They manufactured everything from clocks and watches, super 8 cameras, irons, coffee makers, toasters and other kitchen appliances, to hair care appliances, tooth brushes (now Oral-B), and of course, electric shavers and trimmers. It’s no wonder they are so trusted and popular to this day; over 90 years of expertise in appliances certainly has us captivated.

One of the philosophies that Braun stands by is going “beyond design”. With design and visual appeal being more important than ever, they have taken this and ran with it while still keeping true to the outstanding German engineering, brilliant ideas and materials they are famous for. Especially when you are trusting in a company or brand to take care of something as important to you as your face and hair, it’s comforting to know that they are renowned for their reliability, longevity and sustainability. Now when it comes to design, they still manage to keep a step up above the rest. Braun likes to keep things simple and sleek so that customers, you, aren’t intimidated by it at first sight. While keeping their products streamlined, they still don’t sacrifice any important features you need while keeping your beard in top shape. This is why they have become so trusted, and why they will most likely continue to be a leader in personal care appliances throughout the years.

Men’s grooming and hair care is where Braun puts most of it’s focus into these days. They have a pretty good amount of trimmers to choose from, each with their own perks. Some are water-washable and shower-proof or have a combination of a trimmer and shaver. Their shavers have even been tested to stand the test of time up to 7 years. Pretty impressive when you hear that straight from the manufacturer itself!

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