Top After-Shaving Skincare Tips

man shaving his beard

The skin can become dry, sensitive, and inflamed after shaving if you leave it as it is. Following a post-shave routine can soothe and protect your skin from these issues. Proper aftershave skincare routine includes moisturizing the skin, which reduces the risk of infections, and keep your complexion youthful and smooth. In … Read more

The Best Celebrity Achievement Beards

The Best Celebrity Achievement Beards

Back in 2015, David Letterman made the news when, after many shaven years on our screens, he decided to warm his chin with a fine beard. The press was all over it, labeling his efforts an ‘achievement beard’. An article by the New Yorker defined the beard as “a marker of triumphant … Read more

Products in the Liberty Premium Grooming Co Line

Closeup of male face and pipette with a oil for a beard growth

As a respected and top-notch customer care company in the world, the Liberty Premium Grooming Co continues to amaze the public with its extraordinary line of grooming products. The company doesn’t fail to keep its customers happy every time they start to purchase, use and patronize the Liberty Premium Grooming Co products … Read more

Famous White Haired Actors and News Personalities

Anderson Cooper speaking with attendees at the 35th Annual Cronkite Award Luncheon at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

When they were in their 20s or 30s, the like of Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling were seen as “great eye candy,” but at the end of the day, nothing can surpass the elegance, glamor, and character of handsome white-haired or salt and paper hair men who get better with age. “There’s … Read more

Famous Men with Pencil Mustaches

Barber shaves a client's cheek full of shaving foam with a razor in a barber shop.

Men are remembered or immortalized by their deeds and their looks. When it comes to their appearances, some men are lucky enough to establish a name recall or second look by their contemporaries and the general public through the way they wear their mustaches. Yes, wearing a mustache may be insignificant or … Read more

Beard Contests All over the World

Gandhi Jones, 1st-place winner in the Freestyle Mustache category, in 2007, 2009 and 2011

Having a beard surely brings a mature look in a man while adding more to his style giving a confident image. With many styles of beard nowadays, the number of beard contests has also been on a rise. Surprisingly, some of these contests are based on the very bizarre trends of beard … Read more

History of Barber Shops

Traditional barbershop chair.

Among the numerous places for social interaction, the barbershop is one of the most important ones, particularly for men. One can get their hair done as well as engage with others and communicate on various social issues too. However, historically, the barbershops have been quite different from what we see nowadays.  First … Read more

A Guide to the Different Types of Mustache Styles

The mustache is a stylish part of our facial hair, as there are many different styles that we can apply to the mustache to make it much more appealing. Because the mustache is located right at the center of our face, it is usually the first one that is noticed by other … Read more

Best Mustaches Sported by Celebrities

mustache silhouette

Celebrities sometimes set the trend in fashion, as what they would usually wear would become so popular that their fans and other people would start wearing them as well. In addition to clothing, celebrities also influence the trend in facial hair, particularly in mustaches, since that part of the facial hair is … Read more