A Guide to the Different Types of Mustache Styles

handlebar mustache and walrus mustache

The mustache is a stylish part of our facial hair, as there are many different styles that we can apply to the mustache to make it much more appealing. Because the mustache is located right at the center of our face, it is usually the first one that is noticed by other … Read more

Best Mustaches Sported by Celebrities

mustache silhouette

Celebrities sometimes set the trend in fashion, as what they would usually wear would become so popular that their fans and other people would start wearing them as well. In addition to clothing, celebrities also influence the trend in facial hair, particularly in mustaches, since that part of the facial hair is … Read more

How to Make Beard Care Products at Home

DIY beard oil

Beard grooming products can be very expensive sometimes, so there are some men that would have to shell out plenty of money to properly clean and maintain their beards. But, if you want to save some cash while also having an effective beard grooming product, the best way for you to do … Read more

Best Grooming Habits for Males

getting a haircut in a barbershop

Attractiveness in men doesn’t really come naturally, as you would need to work hard in order to look good and appealing to most people, whether they are your loved ones or just strangers you happen to come across on the street and in the office. Of course, genetics would contribute to your … Read more

Are Beards Good or Bad For Our Health?

man with a long beard

Growing a beard has been quite popular for men in recent years, as there has been a growing notion that a beard just raises the manliness or maturity of men, which is advantageous in social and career-related situations. By having a beard, men will be able to produce a great first impression … Read more

How to Properly Dye a Beard

man with a light brown beard

Maintaining a beard can be difficult for some of us, as there are a few that would struggle in keeping their beard clean and fresh. There are also some people that suffer from beard discoloration, where their beard would turn into a light color like light brown or white, and this discoloration … Read more

Top Reasons to Grow a Beard

a young man with a beard

In case you haven’t noticed, beards are becoming quite popular nowadays, as more men are associating growing a beard with manliness and maturity. Of course, beards are not applicable for all men, as you would often need to have a suitable face shape and size in order for a beard to look … Read more

Why We Should Trim Our Nose Hairs

fake nose hair worn by a man

Nose hair is an integral part of our nose because, without it, we wouldn’t be able to block dirt, grime, allergens, and other harmful elements from getting inside our nose. In addition to stopping harmful elements, nose hairs are also helpful in humidifying the air that we breathe in so that our … Read more

Does a Beard Fit in a Professional Environment?

bearded man wearing a suit

There is certainly no denying that beards are becoming more and more popular in today’s era, as this type of facial hair is now utilized as a symbol of manliness and masculinity. People now believed that men with beards are stronger and more intimidating, which is why a lot of men nowadays … Read more

Famous Hollywood Models with Big Beards

Famous Actor and Film Producer Tom Hardy.

  Introduction Hollywood is an industry full of surprises for the fans while there are several new types of trends that are made common with the actors and actresses. Over the years, beards have become more common among men. One of the main reasons for this trend is that famous Hollywood actors … Read more