Online Roulette Games

Online Roulette Games

Roulette is a game of chance that is considered a symbol of casinos. It was invented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century and has remained one of the most popular casino games ever since. Roulette consists of two parts: the wheel with the ball and the playing field for betting. The … Read more

Black and White Prints for an Elegant Room

Black and White Prints for an Elegant Room

You may find it challenging to choose canvas prints for a black and white room. Since you’re trying to keep your room minimalistic, I can understand why you wouldn’t want colored wall art in your room. Well, if you want to hang photos that look modern too, there is a solution to … Read more

Chinese E-Commerce Giants Reward Employees with a Pay Rise

Chinese E-Commerce Giants Reward Employees with a Pay Rise

Recently, a Chinese Giant in eCommerce known as went to the social platform and announced that they would increase up to 14 percent to their employees’ salaries. They would spread the salary increase out over two years. The announcement came when many of their rivals struggled with making regulations, but this … Read more

Beard Contests All over the World

Gandhi Jones, 1st-place winner in the Freestyle Mustache category, in 2007, 2009 and 2011

Having a beard surely brings a mature look in a man while adding more to his style giving a confident image. With many styles of beard nowadays, the number of beard contests has also been on a rise. Surprisingly, some of these contests are based on the very bizarre trends of beard … Read more

History of Barber Shops

Traditional barbershop chair.

Among the numerous places for social interaction, the barbershop is one of the most important ones, particularly for men. One can get their hair done as well as engage with others and communicate on various social issues too. However, historically, the barbershops have been quite different from what we see nowadays.  First … Read more

A Guide to the Different Types of Mustache Styles

The mustache is a stylish part of our facial hair, as there are many different styles that we can apply to the mustache to make it much more appealing. Because the mustache is located right at the center of our face, it is usually the first one that is noticed by other … Read more

Best Mustaches Sported by Celebrities

mustache silhouette

Celebrities sometimes set the trend in fashion, as what they would usually wear would become so popular that their fans and other people would start wearing them as well. In addition to clothing, celebrities also influence the trend in facial hair, particularly in mustaches, since that part of the facial hair is … Read more

How to Make Beard Care Products at Home

DIY beard oil

Beard grooming products can be very expensive sometimes, so there are some men that would have to shell out plenty of money to properly clean and maintain their beards. But, if you want to save some cash while also having an effective beard grooming product, the best way for you to do … Read more

Best Grooming Habits for Males

Attractiveness in men doesn’t really come naturally, as you would need to work hard in order to look good and appealing to most people, whether they are your loved ones or just strangers you happen to come across on the street and in the office. Of course, genetics would contribute to your … Read more