With so many successful products coming from this renowned family owned company, it’s very easy for us to recommend them to anyone.

To read more about the Conair iStubble trimmer, check out our review and where to find it:

Where to Buy
Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer

1. iStubble

Our Review: iStubble


2. Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Our review: Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Conair is a brand most of us grew up with throughout the years. Starting and supporting some of the wildest trends in the 1960’s onwards, to today’s sleek and tamed styles, they’ve been through it all with us. They are a highly respected and recognized brand that is family owned and run after starting up in 1959. With headquarters in East Windsor, New Jersey, they also have large distribution centers in East Windsor, Phoenix, Arizona and a manufacturing facility in Rantoul, Illinois, they are a nation-wide and world-wide best seller. Seeing as they are still wildly popular today after over 50 years in the business, and coming out with a new signature product with every blink of an eye, we’d definitely say there is something notable about Conair.

They are one of the leaders in small home appliances, health care and beauty appliances (for men and women), and professional appliances. Probably what they’re best known for is their at-home hair care appliances for the every day man and woman. From blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons to beard trimmers, hair clippers and face shavers…they’ve always had when you need to take care of yourself at home. Many salons have used Conair products over the years as well, as they have had a leading roll in the professional aspect of hair care. Over the years, Conair has produced a huge amount of products under their own name, as well as a fair amount of private labels. Shower accessories have come out of their Conair Home brand, as well as bathroom and craft storage from Allegro, electric toothbrushes from Interplak, and even personal scales in Weight Watchers and Thinner brands. They have also specialized in kitchen appliances under the brand of Cuisinart since the joining of the 2 brands in 1998. Odds are that you have a Conair product in your home with or without you knowing it!

Back to the basics though, Conair is extremely successful in men’s at-home grooming. They have a wide range of both personal and professional use trimmers, clippers and shavers. One trimmer that we’ve successfully reviewed for you has been their famous iStubble trimmer, built with their revolutionary technology and full of 21st century features (such as the LCD display!).

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