Designing Your T-Shirt

It seems that everyone loves wearing t-shirts and nothing is better than a t-shirt design Singapore you have done yourself.  There are many reasons that you might want to design your own t-shirt.  If you have your own business, it could be to advertise your store or to see in your store, give it as a gift, or just a design you like and want to wear on a t-shirt.

The first thing you need to do is define your purpose, which means to think about why you want to create that particular one.  It could be that you are making t-shirts to promote a cause such as breast cancer awareness for your team of walkers.  Whatever the reason when doing t-shirt printing, you want to make sure that the design is eye-catching.

This does not mean it has too always been bold and bright.  It could sometimes be just a punch slogan with a minimalist, clean design.  You want something easy to remember, something maybe that will jumpstart a conversation between you and another person.  If you are doing designs to create t-shirts to sell in your store, you need to make sure whatever you are designing is compatible with your existing t-shirt design Singapore.  You want to create a design that will make people think of your store or of you.

The next step is to pick your colors.  Most that are designing their own t-shirts for themselves will use the colors that they prefer.  If you are reselling them, then you will need a variety of colors.  If you have a store, you could also have a color theme, such as t-shirts in various shades of blue and red.  You may like colors that are bold and low but if you have a store, there may be some that prefer quiet subtle colors, so you have to have something for everyone.  It is advisable if you are designing t=shirts to sell that you have three main colors and then at least two or three colors that are darker or lighter than the main color.

Next, you will have to choose your fonts, which can make your t-shirt printing look professional or like an amateur did it, especially if you are doing them for resale.  The top priority is readability.  If you have writing on your t-shirt design, then you want to make sure that people who look at your t=shirt can read what it says.  One popular font that people like to use when printing t-shirts is the Graduate font.  It is very easy to read.

It is time to pick the graphics you want on your t=shirt.  When putting them on the back or front of your t=shirt, they should be centered and even.  It should fit with the color of the t-shirt so it is not lost and cannot be read.


These are just some of the things that you need to consider if you are designing a t=shirt.  It can be expensive to print just one or two t=shirts so it might be advisable to hire a company to print you one.