How to Look Good In Classic Men’s Hats

You may have worn baseball and beanie caps. Well, that does not require much pondering, but when you decide to put on classic hats like the fedora or the cowboy hats, it would require some planning from your end. And if you have never tried out any of the traditional hats, the thought of looking like a fashion faux pas may worry you. But this isn’t always the case. This article will walk you through the various ways of wearing classic hats with style. Follow them, and you can never go wrong. 

Look for a hat style that will go with your face shape

There are many different hat styles, but not all hats look good on every person. That’s because each of us has different face shapes. A hat is such an accessory that it can draw anyone’s attention instantly. So, while choosing it, wear the hat to know which suits your facial features. Knowing your hat size is also essential for getting the right hat, especially if you are looking for stiffer hat styles like a straw boater, bowler, or homburg. These hats do not expand and fit the shape of your head, like some fedoras and flat caps do. 

Pick a hat that suits your skin tone

After you’ve decided on a style (or styles) of the hat you want to buy, the next significant thing you’ll have to consider is the colors you want to opt for. When it comes to color, one of the most crucial factors to take into account is whether or not the hue complements your skin tone. It isn’t a trivial issue as the hat sits closer to your face skin than some other parts of your attire.

Darker hues, such as navy blue, medium grey, charcoal, dark to medium brown, are suitable for men with fair or lighter skin tones. To put it another way, the fundamentals of menswear, in contrast with your skin, will provide warmth and character. You might go for dark green or burgundy if you want to attain a more daring and fashion-forward look. And if you happen to possess a darker complexion, you can try the shades of white, beige, and light grey. People with yellowish skin can experiment with the different colors to see which looks good against their skin tone. 

Black, on the other hand, is a color we suggest using sparingly. It’ll most likely fade out a lot of skin tones, and it won’t go with a lot of your clothes. Black mens hats, such as black homburgs, are best suited with a more formal dress. Even in morning attire, a grey top hat is frequently substituted for a black one.

The color must complement your attire

After giving preference to your skin tone, our advice will be to consider how the hat’s hue will complement the other colors in your attire. A brown hat, for example, would be a safe pick if your ensemble includes browns and blues. Also, a blue hat may work, but it would be a bit more adventurous. If you’re wearing a lot of grays in your clothing, a gray hat will look great.

Depending on the colors of your accessories and leather items you will wear with your outfit, pick the hat color. It means, if you’re wearing predominantly brown leather items, go for a brown hat, and if you’re wearing mostly black leathers, go for hats in shades of gray.

Weather is a deciding factor

Keep an eye on the weather too. A hat is more than just a fashion statement. It can also have a specific purpose. A conventional hat type with a brim can aid in keeping the sun rays out of your eyes on any sunny day. When you’ve forgotten your umbrella, hats can shield your head from getting wet in the rain. However, we wouldn’t encourage you in getting them drenched. In the winter, they are also effective in keeping off the snow. Hats may work to control your body temperature, keeping your head cold or warm as needed, whether it’s a straw hat in the summer or spring or a felt hat in the winter or fall. Keep in mind that different materials look and function better in different seasons. Felt hats are the safest bets for autumn and winter, and they can also be worn on chilly spring days.

Keep in mind the hat etiquette

While wearing traditional hats like cowboy hats, you have to keep in mind certain etiquette. Else, you might appear silly to the others. You have to have that confidence in your knowledge about the rules which you must observe to some extent even in today’s world. 


Some hat styles are more formal than others. The stiffer your hat is, the more formal it is considered. Some examples of formal hats are – the top hat, bowler, homburg, and boater hats. Hats like trilby, fedora, and pork pie are worn with smart casual outfits. So, choose your type according to the attire you will wear.