From our experience, you won’t be sorry if you decide to go with the Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor.

Take a look below at some first hand reviews and at what we had to say about it:

Where to Buy
MANGROOMER Scruff Sculptor PRO Stubble Trimmer with Electric Length Controls
MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Beard & Stubble Trimmer With 20 Built-In Lockable Length Settings for Precision Grooming

Mangroomer is a fairly new company, only really hitting the shelves in the past 10 years. In 2006, a man named Brett Marut of Santa Monica, California (the company is still located here) decided it was time for him and his hairy-backed fellows around the world to take their grooming into their own hands. Literally.

He was sick of continuously going to female salons to get his back waxed, so Marut invented the Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Shaver. This device is skillfully designed to be held over your shoulder, hinged in the middle to be a pretty ergonomic and versatile unit. Marut started selling these through vendors online, and once men around the world realized how great this invention was, it blew up and Mangroomer has been a successful business ever since. They now sell state of the art electric devices such as 3 different back shavers, numerous facial hair trimmers and shavers, detailers and nose hair trimmers, accessories and replacements for their units, and believe it or not, hygiene/personal wipes for men and women. They are pretty big on making sure you are comfortable and confident.

What Mangroomer really seems to focus on in their products is ease of use, practicality, and a somewhat innovative sense of design. For example, the Scruff Sculptor that we reviewed has something we haven’t come across anywhere else; a whisker belly. So as you shave, you’re decreasing the amount of mess you make on your sink or floor. Pretty cool right? Mangroomer definitely has the 21st century man in mind when creating new products.

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