Honestly, after taking a look at the Oster Fast Feed clippers both in person and through many first hand reviews, we’ve discovered it is one of the best rated, most popular, top selling clippers on the market.

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Where to Buy
Fast Feed
Oster Artisan Cord/Cordless Trimmer

1. Fast Feed

Our review: Fast Feed

2. Oster Artisan Cord/Cordless Trimmer

Our review: Oster Artisan Cord/Cordless Trimmer

One thing we know about Oster is their solid track record. It’s been 90 years since John Oster and his associates (who ended up beginning the companies Andis and Wahl) began manufacturing manually powered hair clippers. They are definitely the grandfathers of the clipper business. A mere 4 years later in 1928, Oster introduced motor driven trimmers. As a business who started off producing some of the first clippers, it’s no wonder Oster continues to impress us with their barbering devices.

Within some time, Oster wanted to start diversifying their product line (of course, in order to bring in more capital). Mr. John Oster bought the Stevens Electric Company who had a patent on a liquefying blender at the time. This is where Oster got their ever growing foot into the kitchen appliance business. From here, John Oster started research on how to improve blenders, such as different chopping speeds, different results with selected ingredients, and so forth. If you have an Oster blender (or an Osterizer), you have a solid piece of machinery that certainly had a fair bit of research behind it. Beyond blenders, Oster makes all sorts of small appliances such as hair dryers, egg cookers, deep fryers, knives, massagers, pots and pans, and basically any small appliance you can possibly have in your kitchen! It wouldn’t be cheap to deck out your cupboards and drawers in Oster goods, but you’d definitely have a reliable, functional, and rather stylish kitchen set.

Aside from kitchen goods, Oster is very well known in pet grooming. Over 30 brushes, almost a dozen clippers, 30 different natural shampoos and conditioners, and even cat and dog beds. Oster has branched out to be a greatly renowned and trusted company.

Back to the important stuff, Oster continued to manufacture hair and beard clippers throughout time as they evolved with every generation. No matter when you owned one, whether it be in the 60’s, 80’s, or today. They now have almost 25 different clippers alone, as well as 9 different trimmers and countless additional blades, guards and accessories for facial grooming. With high end blades, great design and impressive mechanics, Oster trimmers are used both professionally and at home for personal use. You’ll get great results with any American made Oster unit.

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