Products in the Liberty Premium Grooming Co Line

Closeup of male face and pipette with a oil for a beard growth

As a respected and top-notch customer care company in the world, the Liberty Premium Grooming Co continues to amaze the public with its extraordinary line of grooming products. The company doesn’t fail to keep its customers happy every time they start to purchase, use and patronize the Liberty Premium Grooming Co products … Read more

Is There Beard Dye for White Hair?

Is There Beard Dye for White Hair?

When you are confronted with whether you dye your gray or white beard or not, remember that there is always a way to solve every problem about it. Interestingly, while gray or white hair can now be seen as stylish among gentlemen, some men are not comfortable with it.  Accordingly, it is … Read more

Is the Peanut Trimmer Worth the Money?

Wahl 191102 Cordless Senior

When you are looking for some cutting tools, what automatically comes to your mind is a versatile, powerful, and reliable type of clipper. You are picking these characteristics of a hair trimmer because you are after the value of the money and the way it works on you in terms of durability, … Read more

Famous White Haired Actors and News Personalities

Anderson Cooper speaking with attendees at the 35th Annual Cronkite Award Luncheon at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

When they were in their 20s or 30s, the like of Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling were seen as “great eye candy,” but at the end of the day, nothing can surpass the elegance, glamor, and character of handsome white-haired or salt and paper hair men who get better with age. “There’s … Read more

Famous Men with Pencil Mustaches

Barber shaves a client's cheek full of shaving foam with a razor in a barber shop.

Men are remembered or immortalized by their deeds and their looks. When it comes to their appearances, some men are lucky enough to establish a name recall or second look by their contemporaries and the general public through the way they wear their mustaches. Yes, wearing a mustache may be insignificant or … Read more

Pros and Cons of Trimming Nose Hair

Reflection of man cutting his nasal hair with trimmer in bathroom

Grooming your nose hairs is not something you should take for granted. Your nose hairs, just like any tiny parts of your body, are incredibly vital for your well-being. While nose hairs may look pesky to you, nose hairs have their specific functions and purposes. One of maintaining your nose hairs includes … Read more

Origins of Shaping a Mustache

young man with a fake moustache

Wearing a well-maintained mustache is something men are proud of. Men prefer to have a mustache for different reasons, whether classy or not. It can be about showing a fashion statement or style or portraying a more masculine look to the public.  Whatever their motivations, men wear mustache that suits their needs. … Read more

Reasons Why Men Wear a Beard But No Mustache

Giggling young man with large fuzzy beard

Beard but no mustache has gained another round of popularity nowadays. And when we talk about a popular thing for men’s style of grooming and living, it seems that it attracts both criticism and praise from various corners. There are plenty of reasons why men opt for a beard but no mustache, … Read more

How Often Should You Shave?

A Man Taking Beard Shave

Do you shave every day? You’ll need some fundamental principles for males who can’t seem to control their 5 o’clock shadow. You should stick to a tight shave schedule, especially if you’re one of the select few who transforms into a grizzly porcupine at the stroke of midnight.  Let’s go through the … Read more