Panasonic ER-GB60-K

People look at the popularity of a product as one of the reliable indicators of its efficiency. And you can’t blame them. Well, if popularity is your biggest criterion when looking for a good beard trimmer, there are plenty of good beard trimmers on the market that have proven to be quite popular among genuine users. One of them is Panasonic ER-GB60-K which is also one of “Amazon’s Choice” products.

After taking a look and reviewing its features, we came to understand why this trimmer is quite popular.

The Written Review


Many features of the Panasonic ER-GB60-K are quite striking, most of all its unbelievable 39 adjustable length settings. So far, this is the highest length adjustment offered by any beard trimmer that we’ve seen on the market. The 39 length settings enable you to get the precise trim you are aiming for. That’s the ultimate trimmer you’re ever going to need for a highly customized grooming. You can use the Panasonic ER-GB60-K not just on your facial hair but on other hairy parts of your body as well such as your hirsute legs and thighs.

The Panasonic ER-GB60-K may be more expensive compared to other beard trimmers, but at least it combines the function of a hair clipper and a beard and hair body trimmer. It’s like you’re getting two machines in one tool. It makes sense because you only have to use one trimming and clipping machine instead of two separate units. And take note again of the 39 adjustable length settings.

The Panasonic ER-GB60-K has more tricks up its sleeve, so to speak. You’ll be surprised to come across a grooming machine with a lot more design features, such as:

  • Rubberized grip for non-slip handling.
  • The LED panels function as a power indicator.
  • The quick-adjust dial allows you to change the length settings by just flicking with your thumb, which is a great convenience.
  • The two comb attachments, each of which you can attach onto the trimmer quickly and securely in place for precise and superior trims.
  • This is a cordless and rechargeable trimmer which you can take anywhere you go. You can also use the trimmer while it’s plugged in.
  • The parts are 100% washable and are especially made for easy drain and drying.
  • Hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades.
  • This is compatible with Panasonic trimmer blade WER9605P.

Many men who have sensitive skin have actually used the Panasonic ER-GB60-K, and they are happy to report that it doesn’t irritate or inflame the skin at all.

The ergonomic design: it may look bulky, but the Panasonic ER-GB60-K is surprisingly light, weighing only 172 grams. Its sleek, masculine finish reflects its good quality and an aura of manly sophistication.  Perhaps you may have found a holy grail of a trimmer in Panasonic ER-GB60-K!

Final mark from the Beard Institute

We will hold off until we can put a video review on this product, but suffice to say this is an excellent trimmer with features that will really surprise you. Once you have read the specifications about this product, you will no longer wonder why the Panasonic ER-GB60-K is quite popular among users.

  • Charge: 1 hour
  • Length settings: 39 adjustable length settings
  • Features: 39 adjustable length settings, hypo-allergenic blades, sleek and masculine-looking finish
  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.0/5 stars