Remington MB050 Durablade Hybrid Trimmer

Let’s face it, guys: shaving is a chore. And it comes with its own share of pains. Have you suffered a nasty razor burn? Do you have to resign yourself to replaceable wet-shave blades every single time? Sometimes, shaving is the worst thing that can happen to any man.

But fortunately, manufacturers do not stop in coming up with trimmers that promise convenience, safety and ease of use. Have you heard of Remington MB050 Durablade Hybrid Trimmer? If you haven’t, maybe the premise will excite you: as the name implies, it’s a hybrid tool that combines a trimmer and a shaver. And the best thing you will hear from it? Its blade never needs replacing, so yay!

But will it do well on its basic job? Will there be some “catch”? Maybe. Probably. Anyway, no electric trimmer is perfect: each has its own pros and cons. But we hope the pros will win out in the end. Let us take a closer look at this interesting-looking trimmer:

The Written Review

The first thing you will love about the Remington Durablade MB050 Hybrid Trimmer is that it is one of the hybrid electric trimmers out there that you can afford. Actually, it’s not so dirt cheap, but it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, either. Besides, you will get a trimmer and a shaver in one tool. So it looks like it’s going to be a worthy purchase. Well, it just “looks like” until we get to explore the rest of its features.

The Remington MB050 Hybrid Trimmer is one of the favorites lately, and that’s another great news.

As far as the blades go, the concept is pretty much like Philips Norelco’s OneBlade. The Remington Durablade MB050 Hybrid Trimmer has a dual-sided blade that allows you to trim and shave your facial hair back and forth and in other directions to achieve that precise trim. Plus, the top and bottom sides of the blade have a dual protection system to make your shavings comfortable and itch-free. No razor burns around!

This tool definitely gives you the confidence to make near-close shaves, create more defined shapes or style your facial hair in any way you want.

But unlike Philip Norelco’s One Blade (whose blades need to be replaced every four months) the Remington Durablade MB050 Hybrid Trimmer’s blade doesn’t need to be replaced. It stays true to its moniker: it really does have a durable blade!

It’s a compact but very versatile shaver and trimmer and it is ideal for guys who have different types of facial hair – mustache, beard, goatee, stubble, etc. It comes with four clip-on guide combs with varying lengths to allow you to trim your facial hair to your desired length.

It’s no doubt that the Remington Durablade MB050 Hybrid Trimmer does a good job in creating close shaves, considering its price. Still, it doesn’t come at par with traditional electric razors, which are still the best in making the closest and cleanest shaves. Part of the reason is that it doesn’t have as much power as the other electric shavers have. Also, because of the blade guards in the shaving head, do not expect a close, clean and fine shave with this model.

But you can always rely on the quality and performance of this blade: it stays durable and sharp even after many uses. The blade remains sharp for about five years, so considering the cost, the Remington Durablade MB050 Hybrid Trimmer definitely saves you a lot of money from buying replacement blades. This is the best option especially if you’re the kind of guy whose facial hair grows too quickly and you need regular trimmings.

As for the battery and runtime, the Remington Durablade MB050 Hybrid Trimmer takes a little longer to get it fully loaded. It requires four hours of charging to provide an hour of usage. As you might expect from this trimmer, it’s not good for emergency charging.

Final Mark from the Beard Institute

Despite some drawbacks, the Remington Durablade MB050 Hybrid Trimmer is a useful little grooming tool that is mostly best for quick touch-ups. Due to its compact size, it is highly portable, so you can take it anywhere you go. And again, the blade – it is super durable and does not need replacement. Despite the sharpness of the blade, it is equipped with a dual protection for a comfortable and pain-free grooming, which is great especially for guys with sensitive skin.

  • Charge: 4 hours for 60 minutes of use
  • Length settings: 4 (1 mm to 6 mm)
  • Features: durable dual-sided blade that does not need replacement, four guide combs
  • Price: $29.97 
  • Amazon rating: 3.1/5 stars