5 Ways to Optimize Your Beard in College

5 Ways to Optimize Your Beard in College

A beard creates a unique aura around you. It will help you to build a personality and make an impression. However, growing and maintaining it is a huge challenge for college students, especially because you are at the age when facial hair is starting to emerge. If it is not cared for, … Read more

How to Manage a Gray Beard

how to manage a gray beard

Men have mixed reactions toward graying beards. Some guys see gray beards as a symbol of wisdom, a wealth of experiences, maturity, and of course, longer life. Graying beards can even make them more attractive! But most men, though, dread the thought that one day they’ll be getting old – and the … Read more

5 Things to Look for When You Buy Beard Oil

Want to enter the luxurious world of beard oil? Learn the basic things to look out for when you’re making a beard oil purchase by reading this guide. Sadly, not all men can grow beards. Whether it’s because of professional constraints, poor facial hair growth, or a significant other who’s intensely against beards of … Read more

Techniques to Soften a Beard

Black and white close up of a man with a full beard

It all started with ‘No Shave November’, a trend where men skip the daily shaving and try to sport a beard for at least one month. Since this fad caught on, the beard has become one of the sexiest and popular trends for men these days. From French to spiky, duck-tail, circled … Read more