Unique Hairstyles for Men


There was a time when messy and long hair owned and defined the fashion scene. However, today a lot has changed and short hair has become the most popular trend. Without a doubt, you can do much more with short hair as compared to long hair. It is not only about styling your hair in a particular way but also carrying them easily and comfortably the entire day as well. This is only possible if you have short hair. And perhaps the best thing about them is that you can never go wrong. You can simply come up with a unique hairstyle everyday by running your fingers through your hair as soon as you wake up.

Side Part

You must have seen the side part hairstyle carried by many people around you. It has been around for generations and tends to be the classiest look. There is something about this hairstyle that makes you stand out in the 22nd century where fashion sense does not make sense most of the time. While you have thousands of unique hairstyles to choose from, this one simply does not become old. 

If you have a son whom you want to look above his peers or wish to add sophistication to your own look, this is exactly the hairstyle you should be opting for. Not only that, this hairstyle is becoming popular everyday as people all over the world are starting to sport this impressive look. A key factor that differentiates this hairstyle from the rest is that it can be pulled off with any hair length. If you wish to keep it longer, get it short now so that it grows perfectly in the next couple of months. 

Classic Short Hairstyle

This is yet another classy short hairstyle that has been around forever and continues to be the number one choice for boys and men when it comes to short haircuts. The classic hairstyle requires keeping the sides and the back hair short while on the top, you get to keep some length and thickness. With a playful length, you can mess with the top and style it whatever way you want. Although the length is relatively longer than the side part hairstyle but it is still easy maintenance and can be styled just by using your hands. 

The Short Push up Hairstyle

The short push-up hairstyle is similar to the previous unique hairstyles that we have discussed but relatively more flexible and thicker at the top. Instead of trimming or buzzing the top short, it is allowed to grow and become longer, while the sides tend to be buzzed down almost completely. With a bit of longer hair length on the top, you are more flexible interms of styling your hair in different ways. 

If you wish to style your hair and ensure that the hairstyle remains intact throughout the day, you should go for matte hair wax that not only looks natural but provides a stronghold. Although this hairstyle is supposed to look good on younger kids and men but that should not hold you back from looking like a gentleman. With a relatively longer length on the top, you can experiment with your hair until you find your look. Plus, if you are adopting this unique and classy hairstyle, you will definitely have a unique way of expressing yourself as well. 

The Top Fade Hairstyle

The next unique hairstyle for men on this list is the top fade. It offers both a modern and classy look. Even though it looks like a buzz cut but it has relatively more hair at the top. The top fade hairstyle can be styled and modified in addition to being spiked up or slicked down. You can use a wax or pomade to keep the hairstyle in place or simply leave it how it is to wake up with a messier look. 

The best thing about this hairstyle is perhaps that it always looks professional but versatile enough at the same time for you to find your look. It is a very popular hairstyle amongst young individuals with close to zero chances of going wrong. 

Angular Fringe

If you are looking for a clean and classic look, then the Angular fringe is for you. This trend being the most popular amongst young individuals was introduced back in 2015 and continues to remain relevant even today. Infact, with more and more youngsters opting for this look, there is doubt that it becomes the most popular hairstyle in the next few months. The Angular Fringe hairstyle features tapered clean and short sides. However, it maintains thickness on the top of the hair. Plus, if you have round hair, then this hairstyle will look perfect on you. 

At the same time, the style is so versatile that it will look on almost every face type. This is that type of hairstyle for people who are looking for a start and want a stylish and interesting look. It might not be the simplest choice amongst others but will look great if you manage to pull it off. 

Textured Hairstyle

If you have thick hair, you can opt for a textured hairstyle with various lengths to create a slimming silhouette. Although you can work this hairstyle with pretty much any type of hair but will complement the best with thicker hair. Plus, it works the best on square, oval, or round face shapes as well. Although this hairstyle is mainly dependent on the texture of your hair but you need to be a bit careful when it comes to styling. The hairstyle needs to be neat and clean for you to pull this hairstyle. Throw in some gel or wax to keep it in place as well.

Final Word

Unique hairstyles are meant to make you stand out from the crowd. With short hairstyles being more in trend and popular nowadays, you can experiment with any of the hairstyles above to find the perfect look. However, make sure that you dress the same way as well to express the model look.