Wahl All-In-One Grooming Kit 9854-600

Most men like to lead their lives as minimally as possible, even in terms of styling and grooming. That’s why it’s not a surprise why many guys do not like to use and store two or more different grooming gadgets at once. We understand that it’s quite a hassle. If you’re also in the same predicament, we think you may find Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 as the ultimate answer to your problems.

The Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600, as the name implies has everything you need to keep yourself looking good without having to go under the burden of using more than one grooming appliance. Read on to find out more about this product.

The Written Review


The Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 is one of the most powerful and versatile mid-range electric groomers we have seen lately. It can shave and trim hair on the face, body and even on the scalp.

It has a nice design with a sleek black-and-white finish. It comes with four blades: trimmer head, T-blade head, dual foil shaver and detail head. The good news is that the price is just right for a multi-function electric groomer with a reasonable number of accessories. The middle-high price bracket makes a great purchase for guys who want to have affordable trimmers but do not want to settle on a cheaper and a more inferior counterpart. Weighing a pound (which is less than half a kilo), the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 feels just right when you hold it – never too heavy as it may make your hand tired while you’re shaving, nor too light that you may feel it as more of a flimsy kind of toy.

As we have said before, the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 is one of the most powerful mid-range groomers we have seen recently. It has a seriously powerful motor which provides a torque that’s twice as robust as any torque that you have seen on other beard trimmers. The sheer power of the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 allows you shave through a thick pile of beard with a breeze. You do not even need to go over each area again and again to achieve that clean shave.

Another thing that you will love about the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 is its battery and runtime, which are largely responsible for this tool’s powerful motor and torque. It is equipped with lithium-ion 2.0 batteries, a technology that’s rather rare when it comes to at-home electric groomers. A one-hour charge is all you need for an incredible 3-hour usage. Plus, it also has a quick one-minute charge feature which allows you to use the trimmer in a hurry. We’d say that this is one mammoth of a battery!

After the pros, now the cons…

Because of its powerful motor, expect the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 to be a lot noisier compared to other models. Unless you won’t mind the buzzing din, you may want to look for other models which are as powerful as the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 but not as noisy.

Plus, it’s not waterproof which means you cannot wash it under a faucet nor use it while in the shower.

Another, the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 doesn’t have a universal charging feature, so you can use it only in the country you have purchased it in. Users may find its detail trimming not as good, precise and efficient as the others.

Final Mark from the Beard Institute

If you’re into detail trimming, you may find the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 a bit of a letdown. Plus, it’s too noisy, it’s not washable and it doesn’t allow universal charging.

But the pluses outdo the minuses: powerful motor and torque, long-lasting batteries, incredibly long runtime and a solid body. Overall, the Wahl All-In-One-Grooming Kit 9854-600 is a very good trimmer for its price, and it’s going to be worth the purchase.

  • Charge: 1 hour for 3 hours of use
  • Length settings: 12
  • Features: powerful motor and torque, great battery and runtime, four blades
  • Price: $35.80 
  • Amazon Rating: 3.6/5 stars