Beard problems that are commonly faced

Beard would be a natural manly feature for some; that is why it needs attention for tender care as well. Mostly, men in action films have long and thick hair on their faces like the character of Wolverine. Aside from the reason for stepping up the game, beards are capable of protecting you from pollen and dust allergies. So if you have asthma, it can help to relieve somehow. Inevitable beard problems can occur to any man. It is natural but can cause damages if not treated quickly. Many to count, but here are some of the beard problems that men encounter.


Like the hair scalp, the beard is prone to dandruff too. Dandruff is the dead cells that become dry skin and turns into flakes. It is undeniably itchy and irritating and can cause scars due to inflammation. Everyone has Malassezia globosa, a fungus that grows in sebaceous glands, particularly in the head and face. The fungus will break down the sebum and will leave oleic acid on the skin, which causes irritation. Dandruff underneath the beard without itchiness may sometimes occur due to dry skin, especially in winter, hot, and humid climates. With that, some men can’t endure how long for the beard to stop itching.

So, to prevent inflammation and damages, prepare for a hygiene routine to help your beard grow healthy. Exfoliating might be familiar for women but is essential too for men. It can reduce dead skin cells. Brush your beard too with soft bristles while washing it to remove the flakes and rid the loose strands completely. Other than that, shampoo and conditioner are a must too. The better anti-dandruff shampoo should have pyrithione zinc, coal tar, selenium sulfide, and tea tree oil. Gently massage the beard along with the application of the product and do it as a routine.

Beard Acne

It might be disturbing to have acne on the beard. Sometimes it is called folliculitis that grows from bacteria or ingrown hairs. Due to dirt and bacteria, acne tends to pest the skin and sometimes lead to a breakout. Having it can result in inflammation and bumps. 

To prevent acne in the beard, wash your face twice a day with a facial cleanser and do the grooming. It will be hard work for some men, but taking care of yourself is for your own good and looks. Brushing is also included because it will diffuse the essentials to the hair. More than that, combing will detangle strands and prevent ingrown hairs, one of the acne reasons. Moisturizer with SPF is also essential to hydrate the skin under the beard. This will help to avoid itching and burning. For a beard cleanser, use a product that has aloe vera for a soothing feeling. Tea tree oil is also recommended as an antibacterial and antifungal.

Patchy Beard

Having uneven hair growth in the face is quite uncomfortable for some men. For starters, do not feel bad because it is natural. The reason behind a patchy beard is either due to the genes or lack of nutrition. That is why you might once hear that regular exercise and a proper diet are a must if you want to grow facial hair. Suppose you want for further solution, much better to consult a dermatologist regarding the patchiness.

Regular exercise can induce blood circulation that will help hair growth. Enough rest and stress management is not a surprise because it will contribute to improving your health as well as your facial hair. Patience is a virtue so wait for several weeks up to months for the hair to grow abundantly. Let it fill in itself with beard-related habits. Other choices to include in your practice are applying beard oils for preserving whiskers and reduce split ends. Wax and balm are good to put in place the hair strands. It will depend on how you will style it to make the patches either appealing or covered up.   

Brittle Beard

A thick and long hair may become weak and easily break off. The factors can trace to artificial heating, sudden change in diet, or genetic. Weak hair will result in uneven length and roughly felt, which is uncomfortable, especially in the face. A brittle beard might be distractive to your looks and unhealthy to the skin, so you must consider taking care of it too. 

For suggested remedies, use Vitamin E and rosemary oil to nourish the hair. This is to moisturize the hair and prevent future damages. It is best to apply at night time. Beard balm, like beeswax and natural butter, does not just moisturize the beard but will enable you to style in however you want. Again, shampoo and conditioner are advisable for a strong and healthy beard.