Techniques to Soften a Beard


It all started with ‘No Shave November’, a trend where men skip the daily shaving and try to sport a beard for at least one month. Since this fad caught on, the beard has become one of the sexiest and popular trends for men these days. From French to spiky, duck-tail, circled or a full-grown beard; men all over the world are trying out every style of beard possible. Some might say that it makes them look or feel more manly or more themselves. Others might sport a beard in order to look their best for their significant other.

However, it’s probably safe to say that all these beard types only appeal to others if they’re trimmed regularly and handled with care. Much like the hair on your head that gets damaged if not taken care of, your beard may also get itchy and prickly with split ends. Fortunately, the myths aren’t all true; keeping a beard isn’t a high-maintenance job, especially not when you get the hang of it. It only requires some of your time, love, and our handy techniques below to make your beard soft and keep it in shape.

Profile of a bearded man with sunglasses

There could be many reasons why a beard is starchy, rough, and harsh to the touch. This could be a source of discomfort for you and also diminish your appearance. In order to avoid such situations, consider the following methods for a soft, springy, and even silky beard:

Washing Your Beard

Yes, you wash your face many times in the day, which technically does include your beard. However, it’s specifically washing and properly cleaning your beard will give you much better results After all, that hair is thick and covers the skin underneath. Just like you give the hair on the top of your head a good scrub at least every other day, your beard deserves the same treatment.

There are a lot of options out there for cleaning up your beard properly. Let’s take a look at the steps below:


The main technique that leads to a softer beard is a good shampoo. Any shampoo that you use on your scalp and hair can be used on your beard, though you can also find some that are specially made for beards.

It is recommended that you shampoo your beard twice a day, due to the excess of oils that can collect on your face. Also, keep in mind that your beard is very near your mouth, so it’s much more likely to have food particles and drops of sticky liquid stuck inside. However, once a day may be workable, to begin with. In order to get a good wash, take some water in a jug and add some shampoo in it. Apply this diluted shampoo with a brush or with your hands in a circular motion and wash it all off with cold water.


The next step after the shampoo is conditioning your beard. Since hair on the beard is rough and thick as compared to the ones on the scalp, we recommend that buy a beard conditioner which contains vitamin E, an essential softening ingredient. After shampooing, take some conditioner in your hand and massage deeply into the beard, leave it in for a few seconds, and rinse thoroughly with water.

Oiling Your Beard

Along with washing your beard regularly, you also need to make sure it’s getting the oils necessary for a soft and lustrous result. For this, you might have to purchase some beard oil. Yes, you heard that right; beard oil is one of the most effective techniques to soften your beard and is instantly evident, too.

Beard oil is generally made of carriers and essential oils with some fragrance. If you have sensitive skin, avoid oil with artificial scents and use 100% natural ones.

Adding beard oil to your daily routine will hopefully show you results from the very first day of use. If you have itchy skin, using beard oil will not only soften your beard hair but also the skin underneath. You can also expect it to reduce dryness, which helps to do away with that nasty dandruff flaking off your beard.

Using beard oil also keeps your beard and skin hydrated throughout the day, especially when the weather is hot and humid. The combination will then make your beard much more manageable than before.

Always remember that you have to use beard oil in a specific way. For instance, it must not be used on a dirty or wet beard. The ideal time to use beard oil is right after your shower and after drying your face and beard. When your beard is fully dry (but it could be a bit damp), take 2-3 drops of the beard oil, rub it in your hand, and massage on to your beard. Make sure you massage the oil from the root to the tip. If your beard is very thick and/or long, you might have to use a couple more drops. If the beard is very scant or skimpy, start with just a drop and take more if you need to.

This is a pure and natural oil for groomed beards as well as skin and mustaches. Regular use of this liquid will help to keep your beard healthy, hearty, and free of itchy dandruff.

We like the fact that this oil is made up of only two ingredients. This reassures us that the composition is indeed natural. It’s also a vegan product, with no testing on animals. Plus, this oil is free of parabens, GMOs, fillers, and additives. All you have to do is massage in a few drops while your beard is still damp, but not wet. The liquid will soak in very quickly and calm down the wildest beard hair. It will also moisturize the skin for an overall tidier look.

Using Beard Balm

Right after the shampoo and conditioner, you can also use some high-quality beard balm with shea-butter on your facial hair. This will help to moisturize your skin along with keeping your beard soft and shiny. A beard balm with oil and butter also stimulates hair growth and thickness, which is a great boon if you’re trying to make your beard fuller. Additionally, beard balm with beeswax keeps your beard in shape throughout the day.

If you don’t want to spend too much on beard balm, you can make one at home as well. There are several great recipes online for both beard balm and beard oil. This way, you can take care to only use natural and organic ingredients, with no harmful chemicals or preservatives. You will have to put in some time and effort while searching for and whipping up these recipes. Fortunately, most of the ingredients are easy to find and might already be in your home.

Combing and Brushing the Beard

Getting the shampoo, conditioner, oil, and balm for your beard is all very well. However, you wouldn’t get very far with a soft beard if you don’t brush and comb it properly on a regular basis. There are also special combs and brushes available for beards, so you might want to look into investing in these items.

Getting a beard brush and comb may seem like an additional investment, but it’s worth considering for those who have different growth patterns and find it difficult to tame their beard. Depending on your need, you can either use a beard brush or comb not necessarily both. If you want to increase beard growth and improve its growth direction, you should use a beard comb a few times a day. Avoid using an ordinary hair comb for this purpose. It’s best to buy a wooden beard comb with even teeth. A beard brush with boar bristles will help soften the hair and remove dirt that makes the beard rough.

You can also invest in a kit with both a brush and comb, such as the one below:

Beard Brush and Beard Comb Kit for Men 

You can have the best of both worlds by investing in this brush and comb kit for your beard. The packaging is decent enough to give as a gift, so you may also consider this option for your bearded friends and family members. What’s more, this brush and comb are also suitable for your head hair and mustache.

No matter what kind of beard hair you have, this kit will be certain to tackle it well. With regular use, you can improve the hard texture of your beard and shape it neatly every single day. The tools here will work well with any kind of conditioners, beard wax, oil, or balm.

Your Trimming Schedule

Your beard will need frequent trimming and shaping, else the hair will form split ends and become rough. Make sure you have washed and dried your beard before trimming. If you can’t deal with the trimming on your own, make a regular appointment with a trusted barber. Those split ends aren’t going to heal anytime soon, so it’s best to just snip them off and take extra care of your beard from now on.


Above, we’ve discussed some techniques that will make your beard attractive and soft to touch in a short period of time. However, you can’t miss out on the importance of food for beard health. Apart from following these tips on a regular basis, eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids for a healthier beard. You might also want to cut out the refined sugars, excessive sodium, and junk food out of your diet.  It might be also worthwhile to read up on how to stop beard itch and beardruff.

Remember, you need to stay constant with your efforts if you want to maintain your beard’s softness. Fortunately, the techniques above are quite easy to do on a daily basis, especially if you set a routine and stick to it. Invest in some of the equipment you’d need, and the comfort that comes with them will make it all worth it!