Are Men with Beards More Desirable?

In the past, the type of beard that a man kept could be used to judge their career. Fast forward to today and keeping a beard has become a fashion statement. But one thing that many do not realize is that a beard plays a significant role in a man’s love life.

Some research has been conducted on the role of beard in a man’s relationship, especially in sexual attractiveness. The answers gathered from all of the women who participated in this research were shocking.

What Women Think About a Beard

According to studies conducted by experts, women who are looking for men to have short-term and сasual relationships want men with a short and well-kept beard. They are likely to bring more fun into their lives, especially if they trim the beard in an attractive way. However, they consider these men to have higher chances of cheating, which is the main reason why they can’t engage in long-term relationships.

On the other hand, those with full facial hair that is hardly kept won the category of long-term relationship preference. Women think that these men are likely to have more time for the family rather than spending all of their time maintaining their beard. As surprising as it is, these are the facts.

Different Beard Styles and What They Mean

  • The wooly wild – This is the fully bearded man that we have already mentioned. The unpredictable and bold guy who is surprisingly responsible. Although the beard looks bad when it is unkempt, there are many ways of taking a little care of it like buying a beard comb and oil. Wooly wild men are the most responsible and maintain long-term relationships.
  • Fully grown but kept – According to many women, this is the distinguished corporate gentleman who loves to stay groomed. They are equally responsible in relationships and know how to pamper their loved ones with gifts, dinners out, and a lot more. However, they may stray outside once in a while because they attract a lot of attention.
  • Sharply styled – These are young men who are still exploring the world to ascertain what is good for them. They sometimes change beard styles but maintain it sharply styled at all times. At their tender age, it is sad to say that most of them are only looking for a casual relationship rather than long-term ones. Women who are also not ready to settle are their main companions in social settings.
  • The goatee old fashion – Surprisingly, there are numerous men who want to maintain this old-styled beard from the ‘90s. These are men are also considered very serious in life and are good in long-term relationships. Although it is no longer in fashion today, they hardly care because fashion is a non-issue to them.


Facial hair plays a significant role in a man’s love life. Women may have different tastes for this, but it has everything to do with how attracted they are. If you are a woman who is looking for a man to date, you now know the type of facial hair to look for.