Famous Men with Pencil Mustaches

Men are remembered or immortalized by their deeds and their looks. When it comes to their appearances, some men are lucky enough to establish a name recall or second look by their contemporaries and the general public through the way they wear their mustaches. Yes, wearing a mustache may be insignificant or commonplace, but there are just some people who become famous because of their equally renowned mustache style.

For instance, wearing a pencil mustache has contributed to remembering some of the known personalities in entertainment, sports, politics, and the like. Whether one is a pencil mustache black man or not, everyone seems to agree that having this mustache style adds glamor, suaveness, and character to men.

Many musicians, artists, writers, poets, and legendary personalities have popularized this pencil mustache for hundreds of years. This mustache style can be easily identified because it is so thin yet thick as well, in a sense that it almost looks drawn above the upper lip of a man.

This mustache is styled into perfection. Thus, it also brings greatness to the person that wears it. Aptly said, this dapper mustache makes a difference from other mustache styles. Not to mention, pencil mustache is align with the great personalities like Vincent Price, Don Ameche, André Carson, Ronald Colman, Ted Turner, August Darnell, Errol Flynn, Sir Bruce Forsyth, George Orwell, John G. Schmitz, , Little Richard, David Niven, John Waters, Yashwant Rao Holkar II, Clark Gable, Billy Dee Williams, to name a few.

The swashbuckling gentlemen, heroes, and even outlaws, hustlers,  men of uncertain sexuality, and poseurs of the 1930s and 1940s were known to wear this pencil mustache style. 

This mustache style is rich in romanticism because it can be traced back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, which marks its popularity.

However, this decidedly debonair style of mustache is also a favorite one among contemporary showbiz personalities, artists, and politicians.

“In short, the Pencil moustache was huge. Indeed, it was an obligatory accessory for any discerning gentleman that exuded sophistication and elegance,” according to the experts at Bespoke Unit.

David Slocum, a professor of cinema studies at New York University, wrote that “there’s probably a trio of discourses, as we call them, of concerns I think the pencil-thin mustaches raises: Edwardian priggishness, effeteness and unctuousness.”

“Part of what makes the mustache work for John Waters and his persona seems to signify the degradedness of this American version of this Edwardian style. I think of a used-car salesman or an aluminum-siding salesman. He pretends to a social station to which he’s not entitled.”

Writing for the Baltimore Sun, Arthur Hirsch captured it well when he said that the pencil mustache or a few hairs above the lip “carry suggestions of the effete, the smarmy, the cultural fringe.”

Close-up on a set of shaving tools at a barber shop

What is a pencil mustache?

A pencil mustache is a thin mustache located a little above or adjacent to the lip. The pencil mustache is neat to look at. The mustache takes its cue from a thin line drawn using a pencil in this style. It allows the man to have a big gap in between his nose and the mustache. The facial hair also breaks along the philtrum. The line may also continue, unbroken.

Moreover, the length can go beyond the mouth’s corners but not extend than 1/8 of an inch (5 mm).

Indeed, a pencil mustache is a sophisticated thin style of mustache floating above the upper lip. This mustache is carefully trimmed and it also comes with a mid-line gap, that brings the appearance of two halves.

The stylists at Beard Style advised that making a pencil-thin mustache with a middle part is a real art. 

“You can learn to make this mustache on your own. However, when you are just starting out, get some professional assistance. You might make a few mistakes at first but soon you will become a real expert,” they said.

“Not all mustaches have to be absolutely straight. You can go further by making the ends hang a little low. This will give your image a little more uniqueness. Just don’t forget to shave the rest of the hair around the mustache,” they added.

Some famous men with pencil mustaches

1. William Clark Gable, American film actor, also known as The King of Hollywood” (February 1, 1901 – November 16, 1960)

Publicity photo of Clark Gable

2. Richard Wayne Penniman, professionally known as Little Richard, was an American singer, and songwriter (December 5, 1932 – May 9, 2020)

Little Richard in 1967

3. Salvador Dali, Spanish surrealist artist (May 11, 1904 – January 23, 1989)

Dalí, photographed by Studio Harcourt in 1936

4. William Bradley Pitt, famously known as Brad Pitt, is an American actor and film producer (born December 18, 1963)

William Bradley Pitt

5. John Christopher Depp II, or Johnny Deep, is an American actor, producer, painter, and musician (born June 9, 1963) 

John Christopher Depp II

How to get the pencil-thin mustache?

If you are interested in wearing this pencil mustache, you need to have grooming habits. You have to be prepared with your barber shear and electric trimmer.

To achieve this neatly-trimmed mustache, you have to be ready to start growing your mustache until it becomes long. That’s the time you will have enough room to shave without worrying a lot if you cut too much hair away.


  1. Be ready with a comb or a high guard on your electric trimmer. Make it sure that the razor blades are sharp.
  2. Choose the pencil mustache that you desire most.
  3. Wash and dry your mustache hair.
  4. Comb out your mustache hair with downward strokes.
  5. Trim your facial hair every day.
  6. Never fail to trim the thin mustache just above your upper lip. Take it slowly to avoid having uneven edges.
  7. Slowly trim around the top of the mustache and the sides.
  8. Put a dab of beard oil or mustache wax. Shine your facial hair.

“Overall, we suggest that you avoid using a modern razor to trim a pencil moustache. As they tend to have larger guards or plastic frames, you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. Instead, opt for either a shavette with an open blade or a well-designed beard trimmer,” added the mustache stylists at Bespoke Unit.

“If you choose a trimmer, consider using a lighter model with good balance that’s steady to hold,” they recommended. 

Interestingly, a pencil mustache is applicable and looks good on just about any man so long as they maintain it properly and trim it regularly.

As long as you are focused on achieving this pencil mustache, there is no reason for you not to have it soon.