Pros and Cons of Trimming Nose Hair

Grooming your nose hairs is not something you should take for granted. Your nose hairs, just like any tiny parts of your body, are incredibly vital for your well-being. While nose hairs may look pesky to you, nose hairs have their specific functions and purposes.

One of maintaining your nose hairs includes trimming. Like your lawn, nose hairs deserve good attention. Nose hairs should be cut and maintained regularly. Many people have shared concerns about why nose hairs need trimming and maintenance. 

Trimming nose hair pros and cons should also be something you should be familiar with. Other people look at your nose hairs the way they look at how you clean or tidy up yourself. After all, many women would consider having untrimmed nose hairs as something dirty.

In a recent survey of over 400 Women’s Health readers, it was discovered that “46 percent of women would rather talk to a guy whose mouth smells like a sewer than a guy with a few strays sticking out.”

Erin Weaver, of Men’s Health, admitted that nose hairs sticking out are a problem almost every male person has to deal with eventually.  

Their own survey found that “only two percent said they never had to trim, pluck, or resignedly accept their nose hair.

Male nose with a long hair. body care concept. macro

While it is a fact that nose hairs help a lot in keeping foreign particles from entering your nose and other parts of the body, having extra hairs protruding from your nostrils is no longer of great use.

Trimming is the most known way of maintaining the hairs on your nose. And you should do this trimming regularly.

“A lot of research has shown it’s okay to remove more, but to protect yourself from things like allergies and pollen, I say it’s best to leave everything you can’t see,” said Craig Whitely, a renowned grooming consultant and grooming expert in Hollywood.

According to Whitely, trimming is the best method to remove unwanted hairs. The trimming is necessary so that the male image of an individual will be maintained. 

One way of trimming the hairs in your nose is simply to pinch your nose, twist it to the right or left, then cut the extra hair that is seen outside of the nose. This method is easy and will not cause you any discomfort.

On the other hand, Whitely caused those who use a battery-powered trimmer, saying it is dangerous “because it can die mid-trim, snagging your hair while the battery fades.”

 “I’ve heard the horror stories, and that’s enough for me,” said Whitely. Instead, he recommended the Groom Mate Platinum.

It is also imperative to maintain the cleanliness of your tweezers to prevent further inspection. It is not also advised to pluck deliberately and force your way to uproot the hairs because this will cause you pain.

Some interesting information on the pros and cons of trimming nose hairs

Having nose hairs is a natural thing. This hair in our nose is a part of our body that has its specific purpose. It is a defense system to keep harmful and foreign particles from entering our body. Furthermore, it keeps moisture in the air when we breathe.

The blood vessels in our nose help support the growth of our nose hairs, thus they are there for good reasons. This is why you have to understand the pros and cons of trimming nose hair because whatever you do to it will have a lasting impact on yourself, appearance, and health.



1. It is disgusting

For the women, having extra hair in your nose is disgusting. Many studies showed that women would break up with a guy who has extra hair on his nose and not maintain it. This is why it is important to invest in a nose trimmer.

2. It ruins your appearance

Imagine yourself wearing nice attire or expensive apparel at a party, and then everyone would notice how your hairs are clinging outside your nose. Your nose hair will become the center of attention when you are talking with family and friends.

3. It makes you look older

With more hairs protruding from your nostrils, it will become more evident that you don’t take good care of your overall appearance. In this manner, your inaction towards the extra hairs in your nose would make you appear older than real your age. This is not a good thing because it will create a bad impression on your family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers you meet on the streets. While you work hard to appear younger, having extra nose hairs will make you older.


1. It serves as a filter

As mentioned earlier, nose hair does a lot to keep your immune system intact. The nose hair filters dust and debris. The microscopic cilia or the hair inside your nose filters the foreign objects from entering your body.  The one that you want to pluck is the vibrissae, which is responsible for keeping bigger particles.

If you remove them, the germs can quickly enter inside your body, and your immune system will be compromised. Later on, you would know that the infection is lethal and life-threatening to you.

2. It prevents infection

Nose hair prevents infection from happening in your body. You should be thankful when you feel like something is trapped or stuck in your sinus because that’s a clear example that the nose hairs are doing their job. 

There will be nothing that prevents dust, pollen, viruses, and bacteria without the nose hairs. The nose hairs will block these unwanted particles from going inside your lung system. Without the nose hairs, bacteria and viruses can enter your lung and bring various types of lung infections.

Cropped close up photo of a man removing nose hairs

Some alternatives in keeping extra nose hair at bay

Eugene Chio, an otolaryngologist who writes for Wexner Medical, said men trim their nose hair for cosmetic reasons.

“Using small cuticle or embroidery scissors usually is the safest way to cut any hairs that are protruding from the nostril,” Chio said.

“As an otolaryngologist, I look in a lot of noses, and I can tell you it doesn’t make much difference if you tidy up your nostrils or let that hair run wild. But if you’re going to remove it, some ways are better than others,” he added.

You can also purchase nasal wax product. This product is made to remove the hair inside the edge of the nostrils only. However, the results can up to four weeks.

“If you use wax to remove nasal hair at home, be sure to read and follow the instructions exactly. If the area is sore or tender after the waxing, dampen a towel with warm water and place it on the area. This warm compress can provide pain relief and aid healing,” said Taylor Norris of Healthline.

Interestingly, you can also try laser hair removal as a permanent treatment for unwanted hair in your body, including nose hairs.

“Laser treatments are the most expensive option of hair removal, though some offices and doctors can provide payment plans to cover the cost over time,” Norris added.

However, it is recommended that you seek proper consultation before choosing any treatments to remove your nose hairs.