Do’s and Don’ts of Nose Hair Trimmers

Most of us are exerting so much effort in making ourselves look better, and one of the activities that we do in order to improve our appearance is trimming our nose hairs. It is a common notion among ordinary people that nose hairs sticking out of the nose is unappealing or unattractive, which is why people who are conscious about the appearance of their face are also focusing on removing excess nose hairs.

Although trimming nose hairs is quite popular in today’s era, there are several drawbacks to it that you need to understand if ever you are planning to trim your nose hairs. Of course, if there are drawbacks, there would also be benefits to nose hair trimming, and it is up to you if the pros outweigh the cons in the procedure. To help you decide on whether or not you should try to trim your nose hairs, here are some do’s and don’ts that you have to learn about nose hair trimmers.

The Do’s of Using a Trimmer

Almost all people that trim their nose hairs would only look at the positive side of the activity, as you obviously need to see the benefits of a certain item or procedure before you buy or try it. For those that wanted to try trimming their nose, here are do’s to remember before you actually start using nose hair trimmers.

Find a Good Reason to Trim Your Nose Hairs

Of course, the number one reason why people trim their nose hairs is that they want their face to look better. As stated before, excess nose hairs are deemed ugly to look at, so many are trying to trim the hairs in order to fit into the trend that a neat and clean nose without excess nose hair looks much more appealing. However, there are also other benefits to nose hair trimming that are unknown to others, with one being that nose hair trimming allows less irritation to the nose since the excess hairs can sometimes be itchy. In addition, trimming nose hairs are also beneficial for people that often suffer from ingrown nose hairs, which can cause infection and inflammation. So, find a good reason to trim your nose hairs besides making you look good so that it would be more worth it to do the activity.

Trim Only the Outside Portions of Your Nose Hair

Nose hairs are arguably essential parts of your nose, as they are the ones that block and prevent allergens and dirt from getting inside your nose and into your lungs. So, trimming all of your nose hairs is not advisable. What you can do is to only trim the outside portions of your nose hairs that are typically the part that is sticking out of your nose. Since the inside portions of your nose hairs are not visible on your face, why would you have to trim those as well? Trim only the outside portions, and you will be good to go.

The Don’ts of Nose Hair Trimmers

a man with a mustache and nose hairs

Besides their benefits, nose hair trimmers also have their downsides no matter how well a specific model is made. The tool’s drawbacks are not actually attributed to how well it is made and how many features it has, but they are related to the general cons of trimming your nose. Here are the don’ts of nose hair trimmers.

Don’t Trim Excessively

As mentioned previously, there is no reason for people to trim their nose hair excessively, as they would just produce more problems than benefits by doing it. If you don’t have any nose hair inside your nose, then there is no way for your nose to block allergens and dirt from getting inside your lungs, and this may cause illnesses like severe allergies or lung diseases. So, it would be wise to only trim the nose hairs that are sticking out of your nose instead of all of them.

Don’t Trim Regularly

It is also recommended that you don’t trim your nose hairs regularly, unlike what you do to your beard or even some of the hairs in other parts of your body. Nose hairs don’t usually grow as fast as the hairs on your beard or on your leg, so you really don’t have to trim them weekly or even monthly, depending on how fast your body grows hair. Just trim your nose hairs only if they appear outside your nose so that you will avoid trimming excessively. Wait for the hairs to grow and only trim them when they are long enough to be reached by a regular nose hair trimmer.

So, now that you’ve understood the do’s and don’ts of nose hair trimmers, you will now be wise in using the said tool. Remember that nose hair trimmers are not tools that you use every day, as they should only be used occasionally if you don’t want nose hairs sticking out of your nose.