Does a Beard Fit in a Professional Environment?

There is certainly no denying that beards are becoming more and more popular in today’s era, as this type of facial hair is now utilized as a symbol of manliness and masculinity. People now believed that men with beards are stronger and more intimidating, which is why a lot of men nowadays are trying to grow their own beards, even if some of them would take months to have a proper beard. Men that have beards while working in offices and other professional environments are also becoming common today, largely due to the belief that beards allow them to look more professional or serious in their work.

Professional vs. Unprofessional

Unfortunately, there are still some companies or businesses around the world that don’t allow their employees to have beards mainly because their owners think that beards look “dirty” or “unprofessional.” With this divide over the “professionalism” of beards, is it now truly acceptable to have beards in offices or career-related environments? For most of us, the answer is simply “yes,” the postmodern world accepts beards in offices as people are now free to express themselves since companies are now reducing their rules when it comes to dress codes and what you should look like in their offices. However, we have developed a certain stigma that beards don’t look professional at all, and this stigma doesn’t allow us to freely accept facial hair as fitting in an office environment.

How to Look More Professional with a Beard

a professional man with a beard

But, in this day and age, it may be time for us to erase that stigma and allow our minds to accept that beards can now be worn anywhere, whether you are at a wedding or at work. In addition, there are many ways for us to still look more professional even if we have beards, and if you want to know more about these methods, we are here to provide you with some tricks on how you can look like a proper career-focused man. So, here are some tips to look more professional with a beard.

Have a Proper Haircut

Your haircut will probably be the first part of your head that will be noticed by your officemates and your boss instead of your beard, so it is important to have a professional-looking haircut so that you will look exactly like a person that focuses on his career and work. The crew cut is arguably the most common hairstyle that you will see in offices, as this style is short enough for it to not look distracting to your eyes and face but also relatively long enough for you to comb and style it properly. You can also opt to get a buzz cut that is much shorter than a crew cut, but with a long beard, a buzz cut may not look right in an office environment.

Wear Clothes that Look Professional

Of course, you don’t want to look like you don’t care about your personal hygiene by having a beard and wearing clothes that are too casual for the office, so you may want to wear clothes that are usually worn in business settings, particularly business attire that includes, a coat, a white long-sleeved shirt, a pair of black or gray pants, and a necktie. By wearing business attire, you will get the attention away from your beard, as people will now focus on what you are wearing. Of course, if you pair nice clothes with a neat beard, you will probably look much more attractive and mature than by simply having a clean shave and wearing casual clothes.

Always Take Care of Your Beard

A dirty beard will look unprofessional no matter if the company you are working for accepts beards in their office. Not only will a dirty beard look awful, especially in a professional environment, but it would also be unsanitary since there may be dirt, grime, and other dangerous elements that may cause you to get sick. As such, it is crucial to take care of your beard by washing it at least once a day or after taking a bath by using a beard shampoo and other grooming products that are made specifically for beards. In addition, you should also keep your beard well-trimmed, or else it may grow too long and may look unappealing. Maintaining the health and the look of your beard is important if you want to look professional in the office.

Erasing the Stigma for Beards

You can contribute to erasing the stigma for beards by being more serious in taking care of your beard. A professional-looking beard that is well maintained and clean is arguably the best way for you to eradicate the notion that beards are dirty, ugly, and unprofessional to look at. Beards naturally grow for most of us, so there is nothing unnatural and unsanitary in growing and having beards, as long as we properly take care of it like what we do for all the parts of our body.