Guide to Styling Your Beard at Home

Going to a barbershop isn’t the only way for you to get an adequately styled beard, because you can also do it yourself at home. Of course, it would take a lot of practice in order for you to get your desired beard, but if you want to save money instead of heading to the barbershop, practicing how to shave nicely may be best for you. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your house more since you will be staying there for longer if you don’t go to the barbershop, so you will have more time to watch movies or playing online casino games found on EasyBet Casino. There are several steps to beard styling that you need to know about, and to help you familiarize yourself with these methods, here is a brief guide on how to style your beard properly.

Provide Moisture for Your Beard

The number one most forgotten method in getting a good shave is that the facial hair must be hydrated or moisturize before you can shave it. By preventing your beard from drying, you will be able to shave it much easier since a dry beard may cause discomfort on your skin while shaving. It is recommended that you apply beard shampoo on your facial hair during or after a shower, and then rinse it with water before taking out your razor blade. The shampoo softens the hair and makes shaving faster and bump-free.

Use a Beard Brush

Before using the razor blade or the trimmer, you must first get a beard brush and run it on your facial hair. By brushing your beard against the grain, it will be easier for the razor blade to trim them since they are all following the same direction. You may also want to utilize a beard comb if your beard is too messy so that you can align the direction of all the hair better.

Start Trimming

cleaning a razor blade

If you have a thick beard, a razor blade may not be the best option. You must use an electronic trimmer or clipper to do the job for you. Like the beard brush, it is important that you shave against the grain, as shaving towards the grain may cause irregularities on how your facial hair grows. Those irregularities can develop into razor bumps, which are ingrown hair that is stuck to the skin on your jawline. Having razor bumps can be painful and annoying, and you would sometimes need to apply creams or ointments to treat the problems on your facial hair.

You can get a clean-shaven style, or you may want to get a light stubble by not applying to much pressure on the trimmer to your jawline. Check out our Beard Grooming Tips, Advice, and Knowledge Base for more information on what beard styles are suitable for you.

Don’t Forget the Mustache

If you have a beard that needs to be trimmed, then there may also be a mustache on your face that needs a little shave. You can use the trimmer to shave your mustache, but you may also get a pair of mustache scissors for more precise cutting. The hairs near your upper lip may become uncomfortable if they get too long, so you can cut it with the mustache scissors if you don’t want all the hairs of your mustache to get trimmed.

Trim the Hair on the Neckline

One of the hardest sections to trim on your beard is the neckline, mainly because you would have to match or compare the stubble on your beard to the one found under your jaw. Similar to how you shave the hair on your jawline, you must also trim against the train when dealing with the neckline. Most beard experts would say that you need to shave all the hairs found under the Adam’s apple to make your beard look more appealing, but it is up to if you want to follow this step. Make sure that you fade the trim at the end of the beard on the neckline so that it wouldn’t have that awkward hard line or hard stop.

tools typically used for shaving

Apply Beard Oil

Another way to keep your beard moisturized and hydrated is by applying a sufficient amount of beard oil on it. You can brush the oil using a beard brush to spread the liquid more evenly and to also style your beard into its proper shape. If there are irregular hairs that came out while you are brushing your beard, you may want to use the pair of mustache scissors to trim them.

There are more complicated methods of styling your beard at home, but for beginners, these steps are all they need to start shaving correctly. Remember that your first or second shave may not be perfect, and you can opt to get it clean-shaven if you do not like the look of the beard, but after a few shaves, you will be able to get the perfect beard that you desire.