5 Most Fashionable Beard Styles in 2021


Beard is a trend that has been with us since ancient Egypt, and fortunately, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. A beard used to be a symbol of wealth and mourning as well as mourning, but today it is more of a fashion statement rather than a status indicator. In the past couple of years, we have observed a rise in this hairy trend, as more men are going for z beard. The market for products dedicated to bearded men is massive, with thousands of different creams, gels, and shampoos. You can even find online guides, like Prim & Prep, for example, that talk about how to take care of your beard. There are countless beard styles that you can go for, but not all of them are fashionable at the moment. Let’s talk about those styles that will make you look stylish in 2021. 

The Goatee

Have you ever wanted to look like Johnny Depp? Well, the goatee is the answer to get that rock star, intelligent but rebellious look. This particular style is short on effort but is quite a fashion statement. The style consists of hair above the lip and on the chin only. Usually, the beard is shaped to look like a frame on the face, and it is quite effective. It is not your traditional beard, and it is a little bit more artistic. 

If you want to add a little bit of edge to your look, then a goatee is for you. This style is perfect when you are not able to grow a full beard, yet want to get into the trend. It works really well too if your beard tends to be uneven or patchy. Goatees look really well on angular, slim faces, but they can also make a round face look a little bit slimmer. When it comes to the perfect length of the hair on your head to go with your beard, both long and short should work with a goatee. 

Full Beard

Next on the list is a full beard, a classic style that has made a fashionable recently come back. You can see it all over fashion magazines at the moment. However, growing a good looking full beard is quite a challenging task and more demanding than you think. It is also a style that involves a lot of additional care. The bigger the beard, the more maintenance it will need. 

A full beard is also the hardest style to pull off, mostly because it is a huge fashion statement. Men with oval faces should definitely try it, as the oval is the perfect shape for a full beard. If you have another shape of the face, your beard will need a lot of creative trimming to make it work. If you don’t have the budget or the patience to take intenc=sive care of your beard, choose a different style on the list. But, if you are an owner of a slim, angular jaw, then try it at least in your lifetime, it should suit you. Once you get it right, a full beard is quite impressive.

The Short Beard

A less-maintenance and more practical version of a full beard is, of course, the short beard. It is also an office-friendly beard, so if you want a lovely addition to your suit and tie, you might want to grow some facial hair. Look at the photos of George Clooney, and if you want to look and feel like him, consider a short beard. It is the perfect middle ground between a full beard and a goatee. It’s on the lower maintenance side and is more versatile than other styles out there. 

Another great piece of news is that it suits most face shapes, with the right trimming. When it comes to trimming, make sure to trust a specialist before you try to do it yourself. An expert will show you how to emphasize the best features of your face and hide those that are not so flattering. A visit to your local barbershop is much needed here, as it is essential to know how to cut your beard to make it work in your favor. 


Stubble is a style statement of 2021. All the way back in the 1930s, it was a sign of being lazy, but today this style will make you one fashionable man. It is a style that established itself right in the middle between being clean-shaven and having a short beard. It is a style that is available to most men. All you have to do is stop shaving for a couple of days. It is also the easiest style to maintain. You don’t even have to go for regular visits to your local barbershop, you can maintain this style by yourself. 

A stubble is perfect for a man that tends to have a baby face and wants to look and feel more mature. It is also recommended for men who struggle with growing longer beards. This type of beard can only benefit guys with a weaker jawline, a stubble should make it appear stronger than it really is.

The Beardstache

Finally, we move to the style that is a little bit more unique than others, a beard stache. This style is actually a hybrid when the mustache is longer than the surrounding hair. It is a fresh and polarising type of beard style that gives you a highly masculine look. It is also the perfect look for people with a full beard during the summer when it gets too hot to maintain a full beard. 

However, a beard stache usually works only with shorter hair on your head. It is suitable for most face shapes but requires thicker facial hair to get the best look. This style also keeps the attention higher on your face, so a strong jawline can also help you be the most fashionable man out there. 

There is no denying that beards are in style at the moment. When you think about it, they always are. All you have to do is adjust the shape of your beard to the current trend and your facial features, and you are on your way to becoming even more handsome in the eyes of others than you already are.