How to prepare yourself to grow a beard in November for a good cause


Growing of beard means you’re glowing in the realms of the beauty – masculinity. No one wishes to have a plan and natural cheek not full with beards, so if you’re lucky to have the traits for beards; listen to how you’ll build and grow your beard in November. Do you have to start now or wait a little bit? It all depends on the quality and the level at which the personal care products are working. Talking about these products, it means they are the ones you depend on for excellent growth of beard all in your favor. So, let’s discuss this you’ll make it through the world of no shave, keep it.

Keep it clean and full

This is the first hygienic procedure to maintain a standard form of keeping beards. Do not shave occasionally when you’re growing your beards. That is, you must tend and thrive to leave them clean always. Always apply those products that keep them full of awesome appearance. You don’t want to look odd while keeping your beards, but you must treat it as a treasure. Something like following the trend of Vitality Extracts to get products for your skincare and hair type. Like the hair on your head, you need to regularly wash your beard. We suggest using a mild shampoo to gently cleanse away the dirt and grime you collect during the day. You may look for natural products because the aloe softens the hair follicle but does not have an overpowering scent. You may follow up with a conditioner to help strengthen your beard.

Do not keep your beards, and forget your face

Growing a beard is not an excuse to forgo your daily skincare routine. Make sure to still cleanse your entire face and consider still using your regular aftershave. Check out some perfect products for the neck area because it will keep your neckline moisturized, and always look for an anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal, that will keep the area clean. If you’re not into aftershave, try a moisturizer made specifically for men. Often, people forget to take care of other areas and focus mainly on beards. It’s fine, but do not practice such, focus on the beards, and maintain your general health.

Tips to make it perfect

In the same way that trimming your hair regularly can help it grow stronger and longer, trimming your beard as needed is good practice. Even if you’re trying to obtain more length, it’s a good idea to trim to help shape your facial hair. Nobody likes the look of a beard that’s unruly or out of control. Come December, when you do finally decide to shave it all off, be sure to follow up with an after-shave balm to help soothe and protect your skin. If you’re considering ignoring this step, just remember, your skin has been hiding underneath facial hair for several weeks and needs extra protection. Reach for an after-shave balm that’s formulated with hydrating vitamin E and without alcohol.