How to Get Rid of All the Unwanted Hair?

Unwanted hair are becoming a serious problem. Earlier, it was an issue that concerned women only but now men are also being sensitive about unwanted hair. It affects your overall look and creates a weird image of you. If you are groomed properly, you will attract a lot of attention. With different types of tools and cosmetic solutions, getting rid of unwanted hair is no longer a problem. 

Unwanted Hair Growth

The term is specifically used to define unwanted hair growth in areas that are publicly shown. This includes your hands, face, arms, and feet. Most commonly, men and women are bothered by excessive facial hair growth. Facial hair have to be treated very precisely because if you do it the wrong way, they may regrow fast. The slower methods are usually more effective but painful. 

Some people also worry if other parts of their body such as the chest and back have excessive hair growth although it is perfectly normal for men. However, if the hair are so much that they are sticking out of your shirt or appearing in volume from the collar, it means that there are too much hair that have to be removed. In case, the unwanted hair growth is on hands and arms, it is normal and certain treatments can help you with it.

Hair removal creams have become popular in the past few years. 

Home Hair Removal Techniques

By using the right tools and with a little bit of effort, you can easily remove unwanted hair at home. 


Most of you might have heard that waxing is a painful process, and it truly is. Waxing involves applying a particular gel, liquid, or waxing strip on a particular part of the body. This has a strong adhesive that is safe to be used on the body. The strong adhesive catches all the hair. After application, it forms a layer on the top of the skin and this layer has to be removed after it has dried. It is painful because the layer has stuck to your skin and the hair are literally being pulled out of the follicles. 

Despite being painful, it is a process that is considered for removing hair. The reason is that the hair regrowth is quite slow after waxing. Since the hair has been eliminated from the root, the regrowth process takes a lot of time. Most people who have a lot of unwanted hair are good to go after waxing once every month. 

Waxing is a process commonly used for removing hair on legs. 


One of the cheapest and quick ways to get rid of all the unwanted hair is by using a razor. It would take hardly 15 minutes for a man to completely shave off his torso and chest. Razors can be of different types such as safety razors and regular razors. The safety razors are used to shave the unwanted hair on private parts while the regular razors can be used for other areas such as legs, face, arms, and other parts of the body. 

Shaving is the most ideal solution when you are in a rush. However, shaving results in a fast hair regrowth that is usually not a desirable outcome for many people. Moreover, if you don’t shave carefully, you might end up having cuts on the body which are painful. Make sure that you use shaving cream to avoid problems. 

Shaving is the easiest way to cut hair on short notice. 


A relatively easier way to get rid of all the unwanted hair is to trim them. You can simply buy a hair trimming machine that could do the job. We have reviewed some of the best hair trimming machines so that you don’t have to do the hassle. Found out about them on the page – What are the Latest Braun Trimmers? 

Trimmers can be used at all parts of the body and could easily remove the excess hair. The process is instant and anybody can learn how to trim accurately with the help of different online tutorials for Youtube Videos. However, with trimmers, hair regrowth is relatively faster than waxing. The hair may also come out thicker as the hair root is still there leading to hair growth. 

Plucking and Threading

In case you have a few unwanted hair, such as on the face, they could be removed with the process of plucking and threading. Plucking hair means removing the hair suddenly from a particular spot and is usually done with the help of a tweezer. On the other hand, threading is a technique where excess hair is removed with the help of a thread movement mechanism. 

Both of these options can be performed at home but are too painful. It will also take a lot of time to get the job done which is why you may face excruciating pain for a prolonged duration. However, the benefit is that these procedures help in a job being done most accurately. Trimmers don’t cut the hair fully and only shorten their length and may overcut at certain areas because they cannot reach very tight spots. 

For example, if you are using the trimmer on eyebrows, you would need to be very careful and precise so that you don’t trim a part of the eyebrows. In the case of plucking and threading, there is no fear of overcutting. This is because plucking and threading are done via tweezers and threads respectively which can specifically take out one hair at a time. One possible drawback of plucking is that there is a chance of ingrown hair although it is rare and resolvable.

Many women perform the painful technique of threading to remove unwanted hair.  

Hair Removal Creams

Perhaps one of the easiest techniques to remove hair at home is by using a hair removal cream. You can easily get it from a cosmetic store and there are many famous brands such as Veet and Garnier that have a complete range of hair removal creams. Every cream is made for different purposes so make sure to read the label. For example, some creams are made for facial hair while others are for your pubic hair. 

In case you are wondering how a hair removal cream works, it’s quite simple. The creams have certain chemicals which can weaken the hair bond and break them. After applying the cream thoroughly, you have to wipe it and there is no need to have a razor. With just a 30-minute session, you can easily remove all the unwanted hair. Mostly, hair removing creams are used for arms or legs. 

Hair removal creams are indeed a great way to eliminate all unwanted hair easily but they have their flaws too. Many doctors consider it the least favorable way to remove body hair. This is because there are strong chemicals that are coming in contact with the skin. 

Over-application or prolonged exposure to hair removal creams can burn your skin right away. Certain people may have sensitive skin and using such a cream can cause prolonged itchiness and irritation. To avoid any such problems, we recommend applying the cream on a very small part at first and see if you have any allergic reactions. Proceed with caution and don’t continue in case you feel a burning sensation. Consult a St George dermatologist in case the problem persists. 

Some people may purposely keep the unwanted hair.

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Medical Treatments for Unwanted Hair

If you are not satisfied with the home treatments for unwanted hair, you can try out the following medical treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal

The most common hair removal technique used to remove hair permanently is laser hair removal. This is a process that is performed by experienced dermatologists. Not everyone can undergo a laser treatment because some people’s skin may react to the laser. Patients are advised to explain their medical history to the dermatologist in detail to clear out all concerns. 

This treatment is usually quite effective for a long time and does not result in the regrowth of hair. However, it is very expensive so not everyone can afford it. Moreover, it is not recommended for certain body parts such as the inside of a nose or private parts. It’s because they cannot tolerate the laser treatment. 

Consult a certified dermatologist for permanent hair removal via the laser technique


One of the relatively newer techniques used for hair removal is Electrolysis. The best part is that it works on any kind of hair and skin type while the laser is restricted to people who don’t have problems with sensitive skin. Moreover, Electrolysis is a cheaper procedure and is the only approved technique by the Food and Drug Administration of USA with regards to permanent hair removal. 

The process involves using electrical current flow or chemical and heat energy to destroy the hair growth center. A fine probe is entered into the follicle and the hair is then removed with tweezers. Despite being an approved technique, it is considered a painful process and requires longer sessions than laser treatment. It may take up to 18 months for permanent hair removal at different parts of the body depending upon your hair growth evaluation. 


We have mentioned a range of processes for getting rid of all types of unwanted hair. You can go for the home treatments as well as the dermatologist-based treatments. It all depends upon your budget, personal preference, and the pros and cons of different processes. It is our recommendation that you should try out the home techniques first before proceeding to a medical procedure.