Tips for Safe and Painless Nose Hair Removal

Many people face the problem of excessive nose hair. Not only does it give an unappealing look but it is also an unhealthy practice to have excessive nose hair grown. Some of you may not trim the nose hair because it seems painful to pluck them. However, with certain techniques, you can remove the nose hair in a pain-free manner. 

Importance of Removing Nose Hair

It is a big debate as to whether one should remove nose hair or not. Science says that nose hair have major functions and cutting them may make a person more prone to various medical risks. However, there are various reasons to support the other side of the argument too. According to a few studies, it has been found out that women find nose hair more disgusting than bad breath. This shows that women are comfortable even if you don’t have a nice smell out of your mouth but a little extra from your nose could become a major turn-off. 

In case the nose hair have grown too much, they might be meddling up with your mustache. There is a high chance that food particles can be left on the mustache as well as nose hair if grown too much. Nobody wants that right? Therefore, cleaning nose hair is important for every man. Sometimes even women might be growing too much nose hair and cutting them will help them retain their facial beauty. 


How to Remove Nose Hair Painlessly?

The traditional techniques of removing nose hair have been based on tools such as tweezers, pluckers, and others. However, these tools were resulting in a painful experience of hair removal. Many people even suffered from nose bleeds when they tried to pluck the nose hair or roughly used tweezers. This was one of the reasons why nose hair trimmers were invented. 

To remove nose hair painlessly, you would need the following 

  • A Nose Hair Trimmer
  • Soft Cloth

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Step 1 – Wash your Nose

In order to make sure that you are going healthy and safe, the first step is to wash out the nose properly. Wet or damp hair will be much easier to trim than hair which are not damp. In addition to that, this will also clean up your nose from different dust particles. 

Step 2 – Using the Nose Hair Trimmer

The most important thing to consider in the entire process is that you properly trim the nose hair. The nose hair trimmers are usually a small round from the top which means that they can be easily entered into the nose. Prior to starting the trimming, we recommend that you take a look at the nose hair so that you can compare it with the after-trimming results. Always trim your nose hair while standing in front of the mirror.

Try to go left to right in each nasal passage as you move the nose hair trimmer. It will hardly take 2 to 3 minutes to remove all the nose hair depending upon how much they have grown. However, it is certainly not advised to cut all the hair as there are certain benefits of keeping nose hair which shouldn’t be overlooked. In case you feel that the nose hair trimmer is getting too hot, you can use it in each nasal passage with a 3 to 5 minutes gap so that the head cools down. 

Your nose should be clean of all extra hair. 

Step 3 – Inspect and Wash

Once you believe you are done, just check it in the mirror. Wash the nose properly so that there are no hair left behind. In case you still feel any irritation, this would be temporary and will go away soon.

Here are some other useful tips related to the use of a nose hair trimmer – Do’s and Don’ts of Nose Hair Trimmers.

Laser Hair Removal

If you don’t want to trim the hair every few days, a relatively easy way to do this would be to undergo a one-time Laser Hair Removal job. However, it is certainly not advised for people who have any kind of allergies or the problem of sensitive skin. This is because there are chances of increased infections as the mucous membranes can get damaged with a laser hair removal treatment. 

Generally, only those people who have an abnormal hair growth rate should consider this process. For example, if you have to trim them every week, considering a laser hair removal treatment would be appropriate. Take the advice from your doctor who can advise better based on your personal circumstances and condition. It is an expensive option so keep that in mind. However, if you are in luck, you may be getting it done in the form of installments. 

Since it is one of the most delicate and small spots for hair removal,  not every doctor can get the job done. We always advise that you get it done from someone who has had professional experience in removing nose hair previously. 

Drawbacks of Removing All Nose Hair

To an extent, removing nose hair is fine but beyond that, you might be causing more problems for yourself. Firstly, the main function of the nose hair is to prevent any dust and debris from entering your nasal passage and going to your lungs. It prevents harmful germs from entering the human body. Without such protection, the chances of getting pollutants in your body will rise which may result in several medical problems.

If the hair are fully eliminated from the follicle, there is a chance of direct infection to the brain. Healthline reports that the worst-case scenario would be Acute Bacterial Meningitis which is inflammation of the tissue that covers the brain and spine. Nose hair trimmers usually don’t remove complete hair so that’s quite useful. The real problem is with tweezers or with hand plucking where the chances of inflammation of the hair follicle increase. 

Nose hair are useful in various ways.

The chances of swelling inside the nose increase if you have very little hair. There can be inflammatory reactions inside the nose which may cause a burning sensation or create an urge to scratch the particular area of the nose. In some of these cases, doctors advise antibiotic creams while serious conditions may require the consistent applications of stronger creams. Bacitracin and Bactroban are two of the most used creams when it comes to different types of nasal infections. 

Some people do not clean the nose hair trimmer after its usage and reuse it the next time as it is. Not only is this unhealthy, but you would be directly putting the bacteria and germs inside your nose. The best practice, in this case, is to make sure that you wash the head of the trimmer every time after using it (It’s detachable). You may also keep it soaked in a sanitized water to make sure that no bacteria is remaining on the head. 

Battery Powered Vs Corded Nose Hair Trimmer

Many people have this question of whether they should use a battery-powered trimmer or a corded trimmer. While many may recommend a corded nose hair trimmer, our suggestion is the opposite. 

We recommend using a battery-powered trimmer because it is portable and you can easily take it anywhere. Not everyone has an electric connection near a mirror at their home so getting a corded hair trimmer may be an issue. The battery-powered hair trimmers just require you to keep them charged at all times and they would work well. They are also lightweight and the batteries inside them are usually quite long-lasting (may go well for a year or more).

A simple trimmer may come with a nose hair trimmer as a side attachment. 


In conclusion, we can say that removing nose hair in a pain-free manner is a fairly simple process if you use nose hair trimmers. Using a tweezer or other tools would be painful and may cause infections as well. The laser hair treatment is not something that everyone could afford and may have some medical complications too. Therefore, go safe, and use a portable nose hair trimmer to get the job done.