Why Are Beards Fashionable?

Every man wishes to grow a beard at least once in his life regardless of his face cut. Keeping a beard does indeed give you a significantly changed look. For some, it may look good while for others, it may not suit much. From cultural affiliation to fashion, the turnaround of beards has been quite unique. 

How Beards Gained Popularity?

Naturally, men start to grow their beards at the age of 13 to 15. Most men are able to grow a full beard as they reach around 20. Beards have been in fashion for so long that there are a number of styles which you can try now but this has not been the case always. Beards were not actually a part of fashion rather they were usually more considered as a part of particular religions and cultures. Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, and various other religions have made it either essential or appreciative of the men to keep their beards.  Certain religious books have clearly forbidden men to shave any of the body hair in the case of men. 

Throughout ancient times, beards were common in Lebanon, China, Iran, Israel, Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Indian SubContinent, and other tribal communities. Generally, the young ones were not quite close to the religion or culture so only the people aged 35 to 40 and above kept a beard. Each of these communities had its own ways of maintaining the beard with some having too much of it while others having none of it. 

Famous philosopher Aristotle with a beard 

Evolving from religion, Beards were then started to be kept by different kings and emperors. With these emperors keeping the beards, it showed an element of dignity and power. Many Indian Princes, Chinese Leaders, Roman Emperors, and Philosophers kept a beard rather than shaving it off.  During Medieval times, a beard was considered the honor of a Knight thereby making more people want to keep it. It became such a sensitive matter, that holding someone’s beard was a serious crime that could be punished in the form of a duel.

Among the Tacitus states, there was strict compulsion on the young men as well as they were not allowed to shave their hair unless they had slain an enemy. Similarly, another tribe had particularly long beards during medieval times in Germany. Due to their distinctive beard, the tribe was given the name The Lombards – coming from the word The Long Beards. On many occasions, it was seen that the beard was quite sensitive to men. For example, Otto the Great is known to have sworn by his beard whenever he was really serious. 

However, beards have not only been grown for cultural reasons or religious values. Other reasons included safety and protection. Many people lived in areas where there were extreme climates and problems of pollution. Historically, men grew beards so that they could stay warm during the winter season and don’t have any frozen jaws. In areas of pollution, beards act as a protectant from dust and dirt making sure that there is no impact on the skin.

Xuande emperor with a full beard

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Why Beards became Fashionable?

If you see the pictures above, you will see that the historically kept beards were not as stylish and visually appealing as they are now. One of the main reasons is that they were not maintained properly. Where they were kept properly, there was a very odd style to them that is not relevant today. 

Beards started to get fashionable when brands and stylists started uniquely presenting beards. The appearance of a beard in advertisements showed confidence and a more mature look when compared to a person that did not have a beard. 

During the 1800s and 1900s, there was a sharp rise in keeping beards because multiple celebrities also endorsed them. Popular people such as Abraham Lincoln introduced new styles as well. The particular style of beard kept by Abraham Lincoln was called the Chin Curtain in which the hair on the jawline were long enough to be left hanging. Similarly, there were other people such as American writer Henry David who connected the sideburns with a hairline along the jaw. 

The era of hair products was just beginning in the 1930s to 1940s. A UK-based company named Chemico Works made a product called the Brylcreem which was a cream used to give the head hair a slick look. Other firms started to market the different types of hair oils as it was seen that they carried numerous health benefits. With multiple scents in these oils, they became immediate attention for the buyers. 

Brylcreem still remains one of the most popular creams for hair

Although beard oil dates back to the Victorian era, the modern markets managed to promote it in the 21st century. Many started mass tests and experiments on different subjects to come up with the most suitable formula that was appropriate for the majority of users. Commonly used oils included Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil as well. Earlier, there were no scents involved in the beard oils but now there is a great variety for customers to choose from. After 2013, beard oils became famous and many companies started with a dedicated product line of various beard products including beard creams, brushes, shampoos, and other assorted accessories as well.  

When these different types of trends were being followed, it was obvious that the common people would be attracted to try out their versions of beard or simply follow the celebrities that they were a fan of. 


As a result, the modern beards we see are totally different. With precise cutting around the jawline and mustache, the entire facial look has been made neater and classier. Many men prefer to just keep a goatee while France is still following the French Beard style. The trend of light beard and light mustache stays the most popular one all over the world. Many people in Australia are also coloring their beards to a reddish-brown color which suits perfectly.

Why are Beards Appealing?

Although many keep a beard because they “look good”, not many seem to know the answer to why. A beard may look good for the fact that it gives your face a more defined and perfect look. In case you don’t have a sharp jawline, or you probably have a double chin, a well-groomed beard could be enough for hiding that. Grow out plenty of beard and ask your barber to fix it in a way to hide many facial features that you don’t like. You would really like that look of yours. 

Other than that, beards are appealing because they show a sense of masculinity. Since women don’t grow beards, their skin may resemble a man’s skin if a man has shaved his beard. The immediate defining feature in your body which gives the first impression is the level of confidence and beard ideally delivers that. Many researchers have concluded that men with fuller beards were preferred for long-term relationships. 

Moreover, it does give away a sexually appealing look to most men. Bearded men are usually preferred by men and we have already seen it with the example of David Beckham. In 2015, Beckham was called the “Sexiest Man Alive ” by the People’s Magazine with the front cover displaying a picture of Beckham in a beard. This just creates yet another influence as to why men keep beards as well as why beards are becoming more fashionable. 

The best part is that scientific research has proven that men with beards are way more appealing than those that don’t have one. However, with women having different tastes, we can agree that shaved men do have their appeal. Many women don’t like the roughness and aggression which is shown with a beard so they are more comfortable the other way.


In conclusion, we can say that beards have been delivering sophisticated elements for some and aggressive looks for others. It’s all about how one tends to keep it and properly manages it to make sure that the beard suits him and does not give away a poor look. To make sure that you always follow the right kind of beard for your face, visit the page on the best types of beard according to your face cut