A Guide to the Different Types of Mustache Styles

The mustache is a stylish part of our facial hair, as there are many different styles that we can apply to the mustache to make it much more appealing. Because the mustache is located right at the center of our face, it is usually the first one that is noticed by other people, so the look of your mustache would determine how attractive you will look from others at first glance.

Because we all don’t have the same face shape, not all mustache styles are suitable for us. So, we need to find the perfect style that will fit the shape of our face. To help you decide on which style of mustache you should pick, we are here to provide you with a list of popular mustache styles that are worn by many men around the world. If you are also a beginner in growing mustaches, this article will also help you in learning more about different styles for mustaches. So, without further ado, here is a brief guide to different mustache styles.

Scruffy Mustache

The trendiest and most popular mustache style in today’s era is the scruffy mustache, a style that sports an almost unkempt look but is actually neatly trimmed. This style of mustache is accessible for beginners, as they can easily get this mustache by simply trimming the mustache hairs they have grown out for weeks or months. To make it look more appealing, the scruffy mustache should be partnered with a stubble, a beard style with very short hairs.

Pencil Mustache

pencil mustache

Another popular style of mustache that you can try is the pencil mustache, which looks similar to the scruffy mustache but looks much more horizontal or linear. Much like the first style, the pencil mustache is also relatively easy to achieve, as all you need to do is to trim the hairs to a preferable length, but you would also need to trim the hairs at the bottom of the mustache horizontally to produce the linear or “straight line” look. The pencil mustache will look good on its own, so you don’t necessarily have to grow a beard to make the mustache look better.

Chevron Mustache

old man sporting a chevron mustache

This style of mustache is popularized by Tom Selleck, an American actor known for playing Thomas Magnum in the hit 80s T.V. show “Magnum P.I.,” and if you have searched for him on Google, you will immediately see his iconic mustache. Even though the style died down in the 80s, the chevron mustache has received a significant boost of popularity in the 2020s, and this is quite a surprise since this mustache does not work well with most face shapes. If you think that you will look good with a chevron mustache, you should let your mustache hairs grow significantly and then trim it at the bottom so that your mouth would still be visible. The main feature of the chevron mustache is its thickness, so don’t trim your mustache too much, or you may end up with the scruffy style.

Walrus Mustache

a shorter version of the walrus mustache

If you think that the chevron mustache is the thickest mustache style, then you have probably not seen the walrus mustache. This mustache style is a more eccentric version of the chevron mustache, as it features longer hairs that are split in the middle in order to not hide the mouth. Because the hairs of the mustache are split and are tucked upwards, it produces a thick mustache that looks like the facial hair seen in walruses, hence the name of the style. The walrus mustache of the 19th century is probably the thickest version of the style, but in today’s era, people trim their mustache to a less eccentric length so that it wouldn’t overpower the overall appearance of their face. So, the modern walrus mustache looks like a chevron mustache, but it still has its signature split at the middle.

Handlebar Mustache

If you have seen many barbershops and mustache grooming brands, you will notice that most of them have a logo that sports a peculiar mustache shape that has curved sides that goes upwards. This mustache style is called the handlebar, which is supposed to look like a handlebar of a vintage bike because of its curved ends. The handlebar mustache is usually seen as a symbol of masculinity and maturity, so if you want to make a good first impression that you are manly and mature, you should go and sport a handlebar mustache.

Cowboy Mustache

man with a cowboy mustache

A rugged version of the chevron mustache is the cowboy mustache, a style that features messier hairs that are not really neatly trimmed but are styled enough to not get in the way of the mouth. Despite its rugged look, the cowboy mustache is not actually dirty or scraggly, as most men that sport this mustache still groom it nicely with the use of grooming products. The only messy part of the mustache is in its appearance, so don’t make the impression that a cowboy mustache is achieved by not grooming your mustache. If you want a cowboy mustache, don’t trim your facial hair too neatly, or else it will look like a chevron mustache. 

Horseshoe Mustache

You may have seen the horseshoe mustache in bikers or metalheads, as this style of mustache is popular among those people that want to look bold, strong, and courageous. The horseshoe mustache is true to its name, as the style looks like an upside-down horseshoe since the mustache goes from the nose down to the sides of the mouth and to the chin. Hulk Hogan, the famous professional wrestler, is the most popular person to sport the horseshoe mustache.

Choosing a style of mustache among the seven on the list can be difficult, especially if you don’t know which one would be suitable for your face shape. If you are having difficulty picking a mustache style, you should consult your local barbershop for tips on what style to get.