Best Mustaches Sported by Celebrities

Celebrities sometimes set the trend in fashion, as what they would usually wear would become so popular that their fans and other people would start wearing them as well. In addition to clothing, celebrities also influence the trend in facial hair, particularly in mustaches, since that part of the facial hair is considered the most noticeable in our face. There have been many mustaches that have become popular in Hollywood and in pop culture, and because of their timeless appeal, these mustaches are still being copied by a lot of people today. Here are the best mustaches sported by celebrities.

Tom Selleck’s Chevron Mustache

Tom Selleck sporting a chevron mustache

When you think about famous celebrity mustaches, the first celebrity that will come to most people’s minds is Tom Selleck and his infamous chevron mustache. The chevron mustache is a style that features thick hairs that are bunched up and are trimmed horizontally to produce a straight line at the bottom. This mustache style also has drastic diagonal lines at each side, so the mustache actually looks like a triangle that is a little bit wide. If you want to sport the chevron mustache, make sure that you trim the bottom neatly.

Hulk Hogan’s Horseshoe Mustache

Hulk Hogan wearing a horseshoe mustache

Hulk Hogan is a famous professional wrestler that has appeared in the World Wrestling Federation or WWF, and throughout his career, he has sported a once peculiar but now popular mustache style called the horseshoe mustache. This style of mustache is true to its name, as it looks like an upside-down mustache that goes from the middle of the nose and down to the sides of the mouth and the chin. Because Hulk Hogan popularized this style, many men that want to look manly, brave, or courageous sport the horseshoe mustache since it mainly symbolizes Hulk Hogan’s unparalleled charisma and manliness.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat Mustache

While the first two mustaches mentioned on this list are commonly worn by some men, this mustache style sported by Sacha Baron Cohen while he plays the controversial character Borat is popular for the wrong reasons. Borat is a vulgar, straightforward, and often unintentionally funny character created by British actor Sacha Baron Cohen, and the notoriety of this character once got him banned from going to Kazakhstan. The mustache sported by Borat looks similar to Tom Selleck’s chevron mustache, but it is much wider compared to Selleck’s. If you are going to sport this mustache for Halloween while dressing up as Borat, make sure that you also have the character’s signature afro haircut.

Johnny Depp’s Scruffy Mustache

Johnny Depp with a scruffy mustache

Johnny Depp has sported many looks in his career, but one of his famous ones is the scruffy look with a stubble beard and a scruffy mustache. The scruffy mustache is the style that looks unkempt and ungroomed but is actually trimmed nicely since it doesn’t go over and below the mouth. The scruffy mustache is the best style for beginners in growing a mustache since getting this style is relatively easy because you just have to grow out your mustache for about a month and trim it to a shorter length.

Nick Offerman’s Walrus Mustache

walrus mustache popularized by Nick Offerman

Another famous mustache in Hollywood is worn by Nick Offerman, the grump-yet-loveable actor with a signature mustache called the walrus mustache. As its name suggests, the walrus mustache is the style of mustache wherein the facial hair on the bottom of the nose looks like the facial hair seen in walruses. The walrus mustache has the same thickness as the chevron mustache, but it is wider and has a distinctive split in the middle, unlike the chevron style that looks horizontal at the bottom. Sporting this mustache takes a lot of grooming and maintenance, so be prepared to trim and groom it every day to keep its shape intact.

Clark Gable’s Pencil Mustache

Clark Gable with a pencil mustache

When it comes to timeless mustache styles, the one that is one the top of that list is Clarke Gable’s pencil mustache. The pencil mustache is a thin and narrow mustache that is often sported by men that can’t grow long mustaches. Although Clark Gable’s mustache looks perfectly trimmed, the popular pencil mustaches today have a slightly scruffy look to keep up with today’s trends. You can opt to go for the Gable mustache, but we recommend getting the scruffy pencil mustache instead since it is easier to style, and you don’t have to use beard balm to keep the shape of the mustache.

Those are some of the most popular mustaches sported by celebrities. Of course, not all of us have the same face, so there may be some famous mustaches that may not be suitable for us. Following the trends is difficult for mustaches, so it would be best if you can find the perfect mustache for you instead of just getting a popular mustache that is not suitable for your face shape.