Fascinating Facts About Mustaches That You Need to Know About

For thousands of years, men have grown facial hair. The way we maintain and style our facial hair is now more important than ever. Today, entire publications and websites are devoted to mustache fashion. Some guys work on their mustaches for hours every day. Here are fascinating facts about mustaches for you to read to get you in the mustache mood.

Mustache Comb

For mustache grooming, specialized combs are available. The amount of devotion required to maintain an impressive mustache is demonstrated by the fine teeth of these combs, which assist in keeping every hair in place.

Movie History

Charlie Chaplin’s mustache is one of the most recognizable in movie history. It was a “fake” one, selected because it was tiny and would not obscure his facial emotions while maintaining the funny appearance of his persona.

Gentleman with a waxed mustache ca 1910 wearing a Homburg hat and pince-nez

Mustache Wax

Did you know that men in the 19th century utilized a variety of substances, including tallow (animal fat) and beeswax, to shape their mustaches? Some even manufactured their mixtures!

The hue of your face and head hair might change at any time

You may get sporadic dark patches or red hairs in your mustache because the pigmentation in hair follicles varies. Stress and vitamin deficiencies can cause hair to become dull and gray, while environmental variables like the sun can weaken and lighten facial hair. To shield your hair from the sun, use a leave-in conditioner with SPF.

Mustache Guard

When sipping tea in the 1800s, gentlemen used a special tool known as a “mustache guard” to prevent getting their mustaches wet. Talk about chic drinking!

Dali's Fantastic Mustache

Dali’s Fantastic Mustache

Salvador Dali, an eccentric artist, wrote a whole book on his mustache. The “Dali” mustache became a defining feature of his persona.

Monopoly Man

Rich Uncle Pennybags, commonly referred to as The Monopoly Man is a mustachioed character. In pop culture, it has come to represent riches and high society.

Longest mustache in the world

The Guinness Book of Records’ tallest mustache to date reached 4.29 meters (14 feet) in length. Ram Singh Chauhan, an Indian national, was the owner of the mustache. Every time Ram Singh Chauhan leaves the house, he must tie up his mustache to prevent it from falling to the ground.

Hogan in 2005

Hulk Hogan

One of the most well-known mustaches in the world is that of the wrestler Hulk Hogan. His distinctive horseshoe mustache has contributed to his strongman character and is easily identifiable.

Military Rules

Men who have mustaches in the American military are required to abide by strict guidelines on their length and form.  The top lip line, a vertical line drawn upward from the corners of the mouth, or a parallel line at the lowest part of the nose are the only places the mustache is allowed to extend past according to the rules. Men in the military are also required to have their facial hair “neatly trimmed, tapered, and tidy”.

Good For You

Growing a mustache may be good for your health. The amount of sun exposure in the region may be reduced by a third, depending on the length and thickness of the mustache! This could lower the chance of developing skin cancer.

Beard and Mustache Competition

Every two years, the World Beard and Mustache Championship is held. The international governing organization for Beards and Mustaches and famous facial hair enthusiasts evaluate the competitions in a variety of categories for mustache and beard wearers. Texas was the location of the competition in 2023.

Pop History

With the release of their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, the Beatles revived the mustache craze. On the album cover, every member of The Beatles grew a mustache as a tribute to George Harrison, who had grown one to hide his identity while traveling to India. Fans were provided with artificial mustaches to wear as part of the album’s promotional campaign.

Mustache Crockery

Wax was frequently employed by Victorian men to shape their mustaches, however, this wax easily melted into hot foods or beverages. Inventors at the time tried to come up with solutions to this problem. Mustache spoons and cups were developed to attempt to protect the mustache from erupting steam. Alternative solutions were developed to stop melted mustache wax from dropping onto hot food and ruining it.


A 2008 British newspaper poll revealed that the majority of readers believed a mustache gave the wearer a dapper and sophisticated appearance. 

man wearing white blazer with hands on cheeks

A mustache helps balance out your appearance

Try a mild mustache style if you have a full head of hair. If you have a larger nose, grow a thicker mustache to balance it out. Think: “Zorro” or “Clark Gable.” Alternatively, if you have a smaller nose, think: “Zorro” or “Clark Gable.” To shape your hair into the style that suits you the best, use a trustworthy wax like Brooklyn Grooming’s Commando Mustache Wax.

Leaders with mustaches

Only four American presidents in history have ever worn mustaches (for an extended period) while in office. These presidents all took office before 1909. Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, and William H. Taft were among these presidents. However, in other nations, the mustache is a far more common adornment for presidents and heads of state.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein has one of the most recognizable mustaches in science. His recognizable mustache is a symbol of brilliance.

The average daily growth of facial hair is 0.4 mm

If you are committed to Movember, you will grow a mustache that is almost half an inch long after a month. That is a lot of hair for the little area between your top lip and nose. To determine if you fall below or above this average, look to your ancestors. For instance, Mediterranean males do not need to shave as frequently as Asian and Native American guys.

No touching!

It is estimated that the typical mustachioed male touches his facial hair 760 times daily. The average male brushes his mustache 47.5 times every hour of awake time, assuming he receives a full 8 hours of sleep each night. That comes around once every minute.



Men are urged to grow mustaches in November each year to raise money for several charities that address men’s health concerns. Movember is the popular nickname for the month. It started in Australia in 2004, but it has since spread around the world. Today, hundreds of thousands of men participate. Money and awareness are raised during Movember.


This phobia includes mustaches as well as beards. It is fascinating, isn’t it? Think about being afraid of a mustache!

Mustache pacifier

Mustache pacifiers have grown in popularity as a novelty item for infants in recent years. You can join the mustache club at any time.

man’s face

The mustache will go gray before your head hair does

Genetics influence when your hair starts to show signs of age, and if gray hairs are starting to emerge through your mustache, your head may be next. Fortunately, facial hair doesn’t often weaken or disappear as men experience male-pattern baldness; as a result, if your mustache does become gray before your hair on top, it will still appear robust and healthy.

A balanced diet helps promote mustache development

In just 30 days, a small lifestyle change might have a significant impact. As a vitamin that promotes hair development, Biotin should be consumed in sufficient amounts. It may be found in many common foods, including mushrooms, eggs, almonds, and bananas.

man face


In a society where fashion and tradition coexist, the mustache rules as a sign of uniqueness. More than just facial hair, the mustache makes a statement.