Keeping Your Beard With Your Face Type

Beards have been around for centuries. While some styles remain a bit controversial and argued, other styles have managed to remain relevant. With each passing year, new beard styles are introduced and those who wish to keep themselves looking like a runway model tend to be mostly confused about which style to adopt. The fact is that beard styles mostly depend on the face type. However, the good news is that there is a beard style for every man out there, so you shouldn’t be worrying. Let’s take a look at some top beard styles that you should consider this year.

The 5’O Clock Shadow

When it comes to short beards, you cannot go any shorter than the 5’O Clock Shadow beard style. The best thing about it is that it is classic, timeless, and always well-received. If you want to have an idea of how it looks on different face types, take a look at David Beckham and Zac Effron who have rocked this beard style time and time again. The reason is that it is easy to maintain and gives you a clean look. Furthermore, it is easy to grow as well. You can clean-shave your face and have this beard with a week or so. However, it depends on the shade of your beard. The darker it is, the quicker it becomes visible. 

Scruffy Beard

If you wish to have a longer version of the 5’O Clock Shadow, then there is nothing better than Scruffy Beard. It adds a bit of grit to your look. The best part about having a scruffy beard is that it does not matter how patchy your beard is or its thickness, it will look good on almost every man and face type. To achieve the scruffy beard, let your hair grow for about two weeks. Once you are in the third week, you might need to trim your neckline if the scruffs start to make their way towards Adam’s apple. Otherwise, you might be called a neckbeard. 

Corporate Beard

The Corporate Beard tends to be cropped around two to three inches. However, with many men, at this length, the beard is still patchy or disconnected. Therefore, if you wish to pull the Corporate Beard style, you are going to need some dense beard-growing genetics. As the name implies, you should be able to wear and carry the Corporate Beard in any working environment. 

With that being said, it is important that you keep it clean and maintained. It is said that on average, there is 30,000 hair on a man’s face and it is impossible that each hair grows at a uniform speed and pace. Since they do not grow in the same direction either, you will need to keep your beard in check. Having a good corporate beard involves investing in a good beard trimmer as well.

Short Rounded Beard

The Short Rounded Beard is much like the Corporate Beard with the exception that mostly suits people who have square or diamond-shaped faces. Furthermore, the Short Rounded Beard follows the natural curve of the face without having to add too much additional bulk on the cheeks. If you have a broad face shape, having too much length will give you a chipmunk effect. Therefore, to get the perfect short rounded beard, let your hair grow for around one or two months and try to keep everything at uniform lengths. 

Short Boxed Beard

The Short Boxed Beard happens to be the angular version of the corporate beard featuring a little more length around the chin. This allows the short boxed beard to have sharper edges and highlights the jawline. To get the short boxed beard, let your hair grow for about two months. Then, once you achieve the proper length, you might want to create a taper from the sideburns to the chin. For this, you are going to need a beard trimmer of various lengths. Use a number 4 on the chin area while number 3 on the cheeks to taper in addition to a number 2 guard on the sideburns. If you have an oval or oblong face type, a short boxed beard is going to suit you well.


If you were to adopt the Hollywoodian beard style, it will draw attention away from the cheeks and towards the jaw and chin. The cheek lines tend to lower while helping to create a prominent jawline. However, make sure not to trim the neckline too high or you will start to slip down the chinstrap territory, which is something you wouldn’t want unless you are a rapper from the 2000s. If you were wondering, where the name comes from, both Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale have sported this look. 

While some people might tell you that a Hollywoodian beard is not going to connect to the sideburn, we suggest that you do it if you can. This style is not reserved for just actors but Lebron James was also once spotted with the Hollywood chinstrap. If you are someone who experiences some trouble filling the cheek and sideburns on their beards, you might want to add a little more length and dimension to the jawline by adopting the Hollywoodian.


Verdi is named after the famous 19th-century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, which is a classy beard style offering a distinguished appearance. This beard style features a handlebar mustache along with a rounded three to four-inch beard. Moreover, the handle of the mustache is waxed and hangs over the top of the beard in a loose curl. 

However, some prefer to keep the mustache smaller and separate it from the beard. To get the Verdi, you are going to need about four to eight months of beard growth. You might need more time depending on the time it takes for the mustache to reach the handlebar length. Invest in a good pair of trimmers and keep a naturally rounded shape on the beard. 

Power Beard

The Power Beard is a long beard style that might be a bit hard for you to pull off but if you manage to do it, your friends are going to envy you. As the name implies, the beard is for those who wish to look strong and mean business. It is a badass beard style that perfectly balances both rugged and contemporary fashion sense. Also known as natural beards, the power beards tend to be between four and six inches in length. Some beards will be straight, some will be curly. You just need to make sure that you keep it properly trimmed.

Bushy Beard

If you wish to add some texture and enhance your face shape, you should consider the busy beard. This beard style is going to help you exaggerate your jawline since it is a bushy beard. However, for this hairstyle to workout perfectly, you are going to need beard oil. It will prevent your beard from getting dry and even soften up the facial hair. Furthermore, a bushy beard is also going to make you look more mature. In addition to that, a bushy beard needs to be paired with a haircut that is style appropriately. Take a look at Joaquin Phoneix’s bushy beard to have an idea of what your bushy beard should be like. 

Viking Beard

If you have ever come across Vikings even on the TV, you will notice that they are known for two things, their epic skills in the battle and the beards. The Viking beard is all about ruggedness, thickness, and long facial hair. However, you will need to trim and shampoo your beard regularly so that you resemble a warrior. Take notes from the best Vikings out there to ensure the best look each time. 


The beardshache as you might have guessed involves a combination of both beard and a mustache. You can achieve this look by growing hair for a few weeks. The best thing about this beard style is that you get to show off both the beard and mustache. Furthermore, you can choose to show off either your beard or mustache by allowing the hair to grow and trimming the others. This will help you find the perfect look between the two if keeping both does not workout for you. 

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned beard styles are some of the best you can consider. Based on your face type, you can experiment with different lengths until you find the perfect look. Remember, the key to any idea beard style is proper maintenance. Therefore, make sure it is easy for you to keep up the perfect length and neatness all the time.