Getting a Shave vs Laser Hair Removal


When it comes to removing unwanted hair, there are a lot of ways with each method being different from another. However, the question is, which is the most effective? The two most common ways of removing excess or unwanted hair are shaving or laser removal. While shaving happens to be affordable, laser removal on the other hand can be comparatively expensive. Plus. Laser hair removal can sometimes be a bit painful as well. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

As mentioned earlier, the laser hair removal method is a bit expensive and complicated. Since the process is done through a machine that emits laser, the process is bound to be relatively expensive. The high-powered laser attacks the roots of the hair and destroys the follicle so that the hair is not able to grow back. Back in the day, the process was painful as well but with the progress in technology, it has become effortless and painless at the same time. 

Furthermore, the process begins with cooling and numbing the skin. A laser specialist then applies a laser to a target area for hair removal. The process of laser hair removal is not a single-day job, instead, the sessions will go on for a couple of days, irrespective of the area of the body but the results can last for many months and sometimes even years. 


Shaving is a staple grooming method for both men and women out there. While most men prefer to wax their bodies, some on the other hand prefer shaving. The reason is that shaving can be done quickly anytime anywhere, while a wax needs to be first warmed up and then applied, which takes time. However, the results are more or less the same. 

Shaving comes in use if you are in a hurry and need to shave a particular body part or parts within a few seconds. However, you need to be careful. Since it is a blade that is doing the hair removal job, you need to be calm and patient, otherwise, you will end up cutting yourself. 

Perhaps the only downside to shaving is that the hair will grow back after 1-2 days and they are spikey. And since the hair is cut just below the surface, shaving can also give the appearance of a dark shadow underneath the skin. People tend to use disposable razors that might be easy to carry or cheap to purchase but have a negative impact on the environment. 


If you want something that is both affordable and lasts for several days, then waxing is the best hair removal method for you. It is quite common amongst bodybuilders who want to show off their muscles and cuts while posing. The process of waxing is rather simple. You simply warm up some wax and apply it in a liquid form using an applicator. The applicator is used to apply the wax in the direction of the hair then, a strip of fabric is applied on top and smoothed down in the same direction of the hair growth. 

After a while, you pull the muslin strip off the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. If you tend to use the right technique, waxing will help remove the hair from the follicle. As a result, you get smooth skin without any visible hair on the surface. 

Final Word

Both shaving and laser hair removal methods are effective when it comes to removing hair. However, budget is a big concern. Laser hair removal is expensive and lasts several sessions, while shaving can simply be done at home. Therefore, if you have the budget and time, nothing works better and lasts longer than the hair removal method.