A Guide to Threading For Men


Part of men’s grooming involves trimming the facial hair on a regular basis, but what about the eyebrows? There is no doubt that eyebrows are one of the most important features of your, so you should make sure that they are always at their best. You just have to take a bit of time out from your daily routine to tame your brows and you will be opening yourself to a comparatively more youthful experience. All you need is a guide that will help you through the process. Luckily, we have something that you should check out if you plan on keeping the brows looking neat and clean. 

Men’s Eyebrow Shapes

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to trimming and tidying your brows is the style and shape of your brows. Not many people value this factor and end up trimming them the wrong way. Threading for men is as complicated as in women. It is a facial hair removal technique that requires time and a lot of practice. Therefore, do not panic if you do not get it right the first time. 

Furthermore, ladies tend to alter the shape of their brows to make them look more appealing. However, gents on the other hand prefer to keep the natural shape. If you wish to keep your eyebrows both natural and masculine, be extra careful while grooming and removing hair. You should probably begin with trimming and removing excess weight from your brows. Then, start cleaning the brows by removing any outlying hair. 

Men’s Eyebrow Threading

Although threading can seem to be a daunting task but the fact is that it is the most effective way to trim and remove excess facial hair. Although some people prefer to use wax or razor to get rid of unwanted hair but you tend to be more at risk utilizing those methods. As mentioned earlier, waxing can be difficult at first. This method involves small, twisted cotton threads to catch and pull out hair in a smooth, straight line. 

This process offers more control and is relatively less painful than waxing. If you are getting the eyebrows done for the first time, we suggest going to a professional first and learning how it is done. Once you become a professional, you can do it on your own at home. 

How to Pluck Eyebrows?

Plucking the eyebrows is another painful process but offers both control and precision. This process involves tweezers and takes more time than threading. The reason is that you are removing one hair at a time. However, the chances of getting the best results are comparatively more as well. On top of that, you do not have to be a professional when it comes to plucking your eyebrows, and can easily be done at home without breaking your bank. This process is recommended for gents who only need to remove minimal hair and value an exact finish. 

If you are using this method, make sure that you are not altering the natural shape of your brows. Instead, only remove the stray hair that sits away from your brows. Furthermore, make sure to pluck from the roots and not break the hair. 

Final Word

Threading is the most effective way of trimming and making your eyebrows look great. You have more control and precision and the chances of a poor job are less likely as well. However, make sure that you get the process done by a professional initially so that you gather up as much information and experience before doing it on your own.