Guide to Shave Clubs

There’s an old way for shaving – maybe you still shave your beard this way. It’s using a lower-quality razor and whatever shaving cream you have in the bathroom, and then perhaps, some aftershave. Know that there’s a better option for this shaving situation.

As the male grooming craze has arrived, new subscription-based services have emerged to provide you cheaper razors, better-than-average shaving creams and gels, and high-end moisturizers that will save you money in the long run. Shave clubs can offer and deliver it to your door so that you don’t have to search for them at the drugstore. It gives the further ease of being able to use your favorite grooming essentials automatically refilled monthly or quarterly, depending on your preference so that you can get a consistent flow of new blades and products. Here are the leading shave clubs you can subscribe to for your different preferences:

 If you simply need to shave

These are the shave clubs you can subscribe to if you’re simply looking for something to an effective shave without the bells and whistles:


Harry’s focuses on simplicity combined with higher quality and style for its shaving and grooming products. Their shave club has a simple premise that every man deserves a quality shave for a fair price. Their razors have lightweight but firm handles, their shaving gel has a brisk whiff, and the bottles have a classy retro design. Harry’s skin products are also free of nasty preservatives like parabens, but instead, contain premium-quality ingredients.

For as little as $8, you can get an upgrade with the Harry’s Shave Subscription. The kit comes with a razor blade, cartridge, and shave gel. They will send you eight new cartridges for $15, a shaving gel for an extra $6, every two to five months, depending on how often you shave. Harry’s also sells face wash, soap, post-shave balm, and other skincare items.

Dollar Shave Club

A welcome packet from the Dollar Shave Club

Started in 2011, the Dollar Shave Club is a big player in home-delivered shaving kits. It’s one of the original razor subscription services, offering three razor options for a daily shave: two-blade, four-blade, and six-blade. The brand started as a razor subscription service but has expanded to offer several lines of grooming products for men, including skincare, haircare, deodorant, fragrance, and oral care.

Dollar Shave Club recommends a starter pack that includes two cartridges, a handle, and a shave butter for $5. Then you can choose which full-size products you will receive after that. You can customize both the starter kits and the restock shipments.

Gillette On Demand

Even old-school Gillette has recognized the benefits of shave clubs, so they also offered Gillette on Demand, making it easy for men to pick up and stock up their favorite razor from the brand. As the granddaddy of grooming, Gillette on Demand is an elite club, meaning it’s more on the pricey side. However, the prices are still very competitive with Amazon, and not all Gillette refills on Amazon offer Subscribe and Save.

You can choose to go premium with the Fusion Proshield, or the classic Mach3 or the Sensor 3, then choose whether to subscribe. You can also select how often the refills will be delivered to you. If you subscribe, Gillette will let you choose between a commitment deal or a one-time option.

If you’re slightly high-maintenance

Men who are not hesitant to spend a little more for extras can choose from these shave clubs:


Morgans offer anther customizable package, ranging from $8 to $80, depending on what you add. Their premium kit is not just made of shaving materials – it offers products that can supply your whole bathroom, including products like shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, deodorants, and even toothbrushes and toothpastes.

Their high-end products are all sourced inside the United States, and it will all leave you feeling fresh, clean, and good.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company

The Rocky Mountain Barber Company isn’t your typical shave club. Prioritizing organics and health, this club offers products with all-natural ingredients. The shipments focus on quality over quantity. For every month, you can get to choose four premium razor blades, two product samples of their choice, and a bonus shaving handle on the first order.

The razors are made with a pivoting head, a lubricating gel strip, and anti-clog design. It helps provide a close shave without irritation, making it safe for sensitive skin.

Birchbox Men

Birchbox offers a personalized shaving and grooming kit after you’ve filled out a Grooming Profile that tells about your skin type, hair type, what you like, what you need, and more. They will help you pick the right products to include in your sample box.

Each box comes with five grooming samples, from beard care supplies to hairstyling essentials, to anti-aging moisturizers. It’s not technically a shave club, but the quality of products can help improve skin for a better shave.

If you want to pamper yourself

If you need the best quality shaving kit out there, be prepared for a price. Here are some great luxury shave club options:


Bevel’s shaving kit is one of the fanciest of any monthly box. It’s designed for men of color to address their coarse or curly hair, which is more difficult to shave and prone to razor bumps and ingrowths. It offers a primer oil for softening the skin and hair before your shave, and an aftershave balm to prevent irritation afterward. The shaving razor is a single-blade safety blade designed to glide over the surface of the skin more easily.

All their skin products contain moisturizing oils to prevent razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs. It’s a heck of a shaving system that includes a premium safety razor with plenty of free blades. It’s hard to top the functionality and value that you can get from this shaving kit.


While other shaving kit companies bring on blade after blade, Supply offers a more simplistic approach. The brand provides a sleek, single-edge razor made from aerospace-grade stainless steel and uses injector-style blades that are easy to change. The Supply starter set includes a razor handle with six months’ work of blades, a shaving cream, a shave brush, a shave setting, and aftershave for $125. It’s a lot more expensive than other shaving club kits, but you’ll be paying for high quality here. The razor itself has a 100-year warranty.

Supply’s single-edge razor is designed to minimize razor bumps, skin irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Its high-quality design and durability help it stand apart from your typical shaving razor. The price may be steep, but the company offers a 100-day free trial.