5 Ways to Optimize Your Beard in College

A beard creates a unique aura around you. It will help you to build a personality and make an impression. However, growing and maintaining it is a huge challenge for college students, especially because you are at the age when facial hair is starting to emerge. If it is not cared for, you will have a disaster smack on your face for everyone to see.

The effort to groom your beard may take too much time yet fail to give the desired results. However, getting a professional college homework assignments helper will leave you with more time on your hands to take care of your appearance. Here are college beard care and grooming tips that will give you that coveted look that makes you the envy of every student in college.

1. Pick The Right Beard Type For Your Face

Are you surprised that beards come in different types? A little search on the internet or review of the people around you will confirm that there is a different type of beard for each face. Some faces are round while others are square. Others have long faces while others have a tiny face. A beard must fit the shape of your face to look presentable.

The shapes of the beard and the face must be synchronized because you will be building a profile. The beard will accentuate different features on your face including your cheekbone, nose, eyes, and forehead. For instance, if you have a stronger jawline and want to build the profile of a strong man, the beard should show the same. The size and shape of your beard will give an impression of your face. It needs to be accurate to make sense to the people who see you. Try several shapes before settling for one. An experienced beard artist will help you grow and groom the right beard for your face.

2. Wash Your Beard Regularly

Washing sounds obvious until you realize that beards require a different approach from your head or any other hair on your body. Washing keeps your beard tidy and healthy. It helps you to avoid irritation, pimples, and dandruff that make the beard uncomfortable. Once the skin beneath the beard is clean and healthy, the health and appearance of your beard will improve.

The face, like all other parts of your body, produces oil that could easily accumulate inside the beard. This grime will be unbearable and lead to irritation. Good beard hygiene dictates that you should wash it with soap and scrub it for several seconds. Such cleaning allows the hair to remain healthy, thick, and impressive. Cleaning is also an opportunity to remove the dead skin that inhibits the growth of your hair.

3. Use Healthy Beard Products

Cleaning is important but not sufficient to keep your beard looking impressive. The hair is similar to what you have on your head. It becomes dry and will easily break, distorting your desired beard shape. The beard will need oils and wax to keep it in shape.

Beard oils and wax are meant for both the skin and your hair. The health of your sculp is important in the ultimate appearance of your beard. The use of unhealthy or unapproved products could spell disaster. Consult grooming experts to know the best products for beard grooming.  Be sure to check out these great hair loss products as well.

4. Watch Your Diet

The health and appearance of your beard will depend on that of your body. The beard requires sufficient nutrients, and especially proteins to keep it healthy. A poor diet will prohibit the growth of your beard and will even slow it down completely. A decent protein serving and vitamins for your body will give you a healthy and fuller beard faster.

5. Take Care of Your Beard

Run a comb through the beard each day, just to keep the inside alive. Since you have identified a shape, the comb will help you to shape the beard. Beards are a notorious crumb catcher. By running the comb, you remove any debris that may be lurking in the beard. It also gets rid of the dead hair, allowing the remaining follicles to thrive.

It takes patience to grow a beard and see it turn out to be an impressive feature on your face. It will also demand several experiments until you get it right. Get an expert beard barber who will get your beard in shape with your long term appearance in mind.