Hobbies and Hangouts for Men With beards


If you have a well-groomed beard you are owed congratulations. The amount of effort it takes to grow and maintain a beautiful and healthy looking beard, should not be underestimated. Like a woman who always has perfect makeup and hair, you must do lots of personal grooming to make sure that it looks its best every day of the week.  

Beards are in style today and many men grow them because they are so fashionable. They also are a great conversation starter and women are more likely to find a man with a nice beard appealing.  

Growing a beard is part of a lifestyle. People with beards usually have similar traits. So if you are wondering if you fit the beard profile, or perhaps want to find where people with beards are likely to be, here is a list of some of the hobbies bearded men engage in and the places they typically hang out.  

Playing Online Poker

Poker is a man’s game and men who grow a beard definitely love manly things. So it will not surprise you to learn that you can find lots of bearded men frequenting casinos all over the world. You will see them sitting at blackjack tables, and even playing craps, but mostly you will see them at competitive poker tables putting their skills up against others who have a similar competitive spirit. They love to play hard against others and they like knowing something important is on the line. 

With the coronavirus putting a damper on their ability to travel to casinos and for those bearded men who live a long way from a casino, you can find many who take their competitive spirits to online casinos where they can play poker online. If you see a bearded man intently looking at his phone or tablet at the coffee or beer house . he is not likely playing the latest multiplayer video game, or even chatting with a friend, good chances he is i a live poker match on Casimba.com, one of the hottest online casino sites on the web.   

Whiskey and Cigar Bars

Men with beards are sophisticated and love to be in manly places where they can be unapologetic men. One such place is a cigar and whiskey bar. These types of establishments have popped up all over the world and many of them are private clubs requiring membership. They focus on providing the best whiskeys from around the world and cigars that are normally found in the highest quality cigar bars. What you get as a member is a guaranteed private table, a humidor to store your cigars and select from when you come to the establishment. Many people who love cigars believe that their cigars such as a Churchill cigar must be stored at a certain temperature to ensure their best flavor. If you live near a major city, and you have a beard, you should check out a whiskey and cigar bar. Chances are you will see lots of men who look and act just like you and they are probably enjoying great options like หวยออนไลน์


Bearded men are a particular lot. They like to go their own way and are particular about where they are found. Use this quick guide as tips for where to took and again if you have a well-groomed beard and want to find others like you, use these tips.