Guide to Using Beard Gel

There are some men that don’t know how to style a beard after they’ve grown it in a couple of weeks. They would just let their beards grow without maintaining and style them, which would often produce undesirable results like unkempt and dirty hairs. So, it is essential that men should always take care of their beards, much like how we take care of other parts of our bodies. Many different types of products are used to clean and maintain a beard, and these beard grooming products include beard gel. What is a beard gel? And how should we use it? Let us figure out the uses and functions of this product in this guide to using beard gel.

What is Beard Gel?

The beard gel is a beard grooming product that is designed to style the beard. So, if you need to shape your beard to your preferred style, then you would need to use beard gel so that the shape would be intact for hours. What people don’t know is that beard gel is just the common term used for a variety of beard grooming products made for styling. Currently, there are three products that are called “beard gel,” and these are beard oil, beard balm, and beard wax.

Beard oil is the product used to moisturize and soften the hairs of the beard as well as the skin underneath it. However, what beard oil lacks that other “gel” products have is its styling function, as it doesn’t have a sticky texture that will let you style your beard. So, if you just want a soft and moisturized beard without the sticky feeling that you get with the two other types of beard gel, beard oil would be the best option for you.

Beard balm is the most versatile out of the three, as it does not only moisturize the beard but it also helps you in styling your beard properly. Unlike beard oil, beard balm has a slightly sticky texture that will allow you to shape your beard to a specific style. Unfortunately, its styling feature is not as effective as the product that will be mentioned next. But, if you have a short beard that doesn’t need too much gel, then we recommend that you use beard balm.

Beard wax is the strongest gel product in terms of styling function since its very sticky texture would enable a person to style his beard in whatever shape he wants. Those with long beards would be able to style them in peculiar shapes if they use beard wax, which is why this product is often used in circuses, clown shows, stage productions, and movie sets. However, beard wax doesn’t have the moisturizing feature found in the two products mentioned previously, so this one is just used specifically for styling purposes.

How to Apply Beard Gel

beard brush in the bathroom

Now that you know the different types of beard gel, it would be up to you which one is the most suitable for your preferences. Picking the one that is best for you can be quite difficult, but the good thing is that applying them to your beard is relatively easy. Here are the steps on how to apply beard gel to your beard.

  • Before applying any beard gel on your beard, make sure that the beard is washed and cleaned. You can do this by using beard shampoo or soap to massage and clean the beard hair and rinsing the beard using running water from the sink. Then, dry your beard using a face towel.
  • If you are using beard oil, apply one or two drops of the oil to your palm. For beard balm, open the lid of the container and scoop out a little bit of the balm using your pointing finger or your thumb. For beard wax, the process used for beard balm also applies.
  • For beard oil, apply the drops directly to your beard without rubbing the oil using your palms. For beard balm and beard wax, you would need to apply them thoroughly on both your palm first before putting the product on your beard.
  • Once the beard gel product is applied to the beard, massage the hairs of your beard gently to apply the oil, balm, or wax thoroughly. You can also use a special beard brush to apply them evenly on the hairs. Don’t forget to put them on the deeper parts of your beard that are closer to the skin underneath the facial hair.
  • After applying thoroughly, you can then style your beard in your preferred shape using either your hands or a beard brush. We recommend that you use a brush if you just want the hairs of your beard to go in the same direction, but use your hands if you have a long beard and you are going for a specific shape for it.
  • Don’t rinse your beard after applying beard gel, or else the product will be washed away, and your efforts will be for nothing. You can repeat all the steps two or three times a day if you are using beard oil or beard balm.

And, there you have it, a brief guide on what beard gel is and how to use it. As mentioned before, it is up to you which type of beard gel you want to apply to your facial hair. These different kinds of beard gels have pros and cons, so make sure that you study them carefully before making a choice.