Is There Beard Dye for White Hair?

When you are confronted with whether you dye your gray or white beard or not, remember that there is always a way to solve every problem about it. Interestingly, while gray or white hair can now be seen as stylish among gentlemen, some men are not comfortable with it. 

Accordingly, it is good to keep the whiteness of your hair and be confident about it. Look at Samuel Jackson and other celebrities! They have enjoyed the sophistication and elegance of having gray or white hair. You can really look great with it, too!

On the other hand, there are also plenty of reasons why beard dye white is not something that you should focus on in improving your hair’s looks.

“Dye products contain chemicals, and obviously chemicals can damage the skin, so we would suggest avoiding these on your manly mane. Our scalp is pretty tough, but the face on our skin is much more sensitive, so normal hair dye is not a good idea for your face,” according to style experts at Regal Gentlemen.

However, if you need to dye it, there are plenty of ways to achieve your desired beard.

You can use a more natural way of dyeing your hair, such as a henna dye. You also need to check the ingredients and other chemical compounds of hair dyes, particularly the alcohol used in the dyeing solution to prevent bad reactions to your skin.

The barber paints the beard and the mustache of the young man in the barbershop.

“If you use henna beard dye or temporary beard dye, don’t worry you can dye your beard as often as you like. These kinds of dyes don’t contain harsh chemicals and won’t cause allergic reactions or skin irritation,” came the assurance from the experts at Men’s Attitude.

“On the other hand, if you are using a dye that contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, you can use a temporary dye to refresh it till you apply the dye again,” they added.

Yet, as a matter of advice, never use henna dye to refresh the color. This is because Lawsone, the main component in henna dyes, “reacts in a weird way with ammonia and will burn your hair, so make sure not to use it.”

Understandably, our hair turns white as we get older.

While some can be proud of it, some wish to hide their annoying white hair strands. Whether you feel the urge to change the color of your hair now, we will share some tidbits on what’s the best way to achieve it. Yet you have to remember that not all hairs are the same. 

“The cardinal rule of beard dyeing is to always, always, always use dye that is specifically formulated for beards. This means do not, under any circumstance, run to the drugstore and buy just any old box of hair dye,” said Garrett Munce of The Esquire.

Since each hair is different, it also needs different procedures that apply to it. Thus, you need to entrust your hair to professional stylists or experts before thinking of anything else for your white hair.

“You can technically use hair dye on your beard, but it’s not necessarily the best option. The skin on your face can be much more sensitive than the skin on your scalp, so you can’t guarantee that it’ll react to hair dye in the same way,” professional stylists at Gillette said.

According to the experts, you need to be “extra-precise” when you decide to apply hair dye to a beard or mustache to prevent a massive mess on your part.

“If dyeing your beard sounds like too much hassle, but you’re self-conscious about your facial hair going grey, consider going clean-shaven or trying out a different, shorter beard style to hide any silver streaks as best as you can,” they added.

Girl in white rubber protective gloves holding a brush in her hands and stirring hair dye close-up colorist hair care at home hair mask

What caused white or gray hair?

The gradual loss of color pigment formed by melanocytes is the culprit why our hair turns white or gray. As we grow older, the so-called melanocytes also stop producing pigments. Thus, colorless hair started to appear.

Aside from the change of hair color, the structure of our hair is also affected. As we age, the hair follicles also produce less oil, turning our gray or white hair to be less supple and drier.

Thanks to the technological advances today, we can find different ways to nourish, soften and add more color to our hair.

Set of hands holding various brushes for hair dying isolated on white background

Beard dye ideas for white hair

You can indeed find plenty of methods to dye your white hair. Yet, it is also equally true that not every hair color gives 100 percent coverage for your white hair. This knowledge is essential for you to determine the percentage of your white or gray hair. 

Knowing the percentage of whites or grays in your hair gives you the idea of what shade or type of color that is fitting to your hair and, at the same time, how you are going to continue with dyeing your hair.

“It should also be noted that each color has a different opacity. Finally, you should clarify what color result you want to achieve, whether natural or full coverage,” according to the experts at Glamot.

1. Semi and Demi-Permanent Hair Color

The Semi and demi-permanent colors can only give some 30-70 percent gray coverage.

The semi-permanent hair color gives you the natural color of your hair while tinting some strands (like the Wella Professionals Color Fresh). This hair color provides you’re a radiant hair and will also wash out during the hair regrowth.

2. Pigmented Hair Care

Pigmented Hair Care is something you can apply as a quick solution the cover the first stroke of grays or whiteness in your hair. However, this only last in a short period, or until the next wash. 

Aside from using hair correctors, you can also apply a unique shampoo product called Plantur 39 Color Brown Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo. This shampoo solves the thinning and the whiteness of your hair.

3. Special Colors For Gray And White Hair

The special colors give you an ideal solution for your mature hair. They have the extra ability to cover your white hair. Not to mention, they can also nourish and give more oil to your hair. Furthermore, these special colors also provide a more fashionable look to your hair.

4. Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color requires frequent maintenance due to regrowth. This hair color gives you 100 percent gray coverage. 

Permanent hair color is advisable if you already have 50 percent gray or white hair. On the other hand, permanent color contains plenty of ammonia. It also opens the hair cuticle so that the color can penetrate your hair.