Products in the Liberty Premium Grooming Co Line

As a respected and top-notch customer care company in the world, the Liberty Premium Grooming Co continues to amaze the public with its extraordinary line of grooming products.

The company doesn’t fail to keep its customers happy every time they start to purchase, use and patronize the Liberty Premium Grooming Co products in different outlets they have across the world.

The people behind the company never disappoint when the customers sign up with them. The Liberty Premium Grooming Co help them, answer their concerns, and keep them inspired by their choices. Like their beard balm products, the company soothes the challenging grooming needs of the avid users of their products and services.

The experts at the Best Beards Oil look at the company’s “The Master Grooming Manual for bearded men” as something laudable, noting how the Liberty Premium Grooming Co send out a regular flow of helpful bead care information through their excellent customer service techniques online.

“The small business is run so well that they will answer all your online questions within hours. This sort of support is something you don’t see often. Providing useful information and answering important questions has always been a priority for this company and I find that everyone agrees,” according to the stylists at the Best Beard Oil.

Experts at Goods We Like also recognized the superb line of the company’s grooming products presently available in the market.

“Liberty Premium Grooming Co. handcrafts their products in the United States using only the finest natural ingredients. That means no chemicals, nothing harmful, just good old-fashioned Mother Nature,” they said.

Young bearded man looking herself in the mirror while sitting in chair at a barbershop

“The company takes pride in being the best in their field, providing bearded men with a product that pays meticulous attention to detail,” the experts added.

Jerry Conklin, who writes for the Liberty Premium Grooming Co,  maintained that body hair “is something all of us are dealing with, but men tend to ignore the significance of looking after it.”

“Fortunately, in recent years, it has been increasingly common to see men pay more attention to hair and beard care, leading to the birth of thousands of grooming products,” he said.

As the company took notice of the growing needs of the men, they have come up with different grooming products—from beard shampoo, oil, balm, wax, beard grooming kit, etc.—to bring answers to men’s grooming style.


Some of the top fascinating products in the Liberty Premium Grooming Co Line

1. Virtu Beard Balm

Liberty Premium Grooming Co Virtu Beard Balm has the following ingredients: Babassu oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and Essential oil.

With its higher wax content, the Liberty Premium Grooming Co Virtu Beard Balm is guaranteed to give a strong hold and styling, particularly for very long beards. The balm will not only smoothen your bead, it will also make it flat and straight. It has the unique characteristics of thickening and shaping your mane. Scraping a small amount of the beard balm using the back of your fingernail can instantly feel the thickening effect as it holds your beard for hours!

Interestingly, this balm is colorless, and you would not even notice the stickiness or greasiness of the product.

“For anyone who needs more control and styling over their beard, this is the product to look at. Oil products fall short as they are used to address specific problems like itching and sensitive skin. Balms on the other hand, are great for shaping and styling as well as acting as a conditioner,” the experts at the Best Beards Oil said.

With its eucalyptus scent, the balm brings a minty and woody flavor, creating a smooth sensation to your beard. On the other hand, this eucalyptus also has properties that prevent your skin bacteria, fungal, and inflammatory problems.  The balm’s all-natural ingredients include, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, almond oil, and hemp seed oil, among others.

“Virtu Conditioning Beard Balm is top rated by bearded men everywhere! It’s all about their ingredients. Their unmatched blend of growth, strength, and softness is why they’re preferred… This is two ounces of luxury for your facial hair!” came the recommendation by Kelly’s Thoughts on Things.

“This balm is the bees knees for many reasons. One of which is the fact that Liberty uses beeswax as the base. Unlike many other balms that use artificial and petroleum-based chemicals to aid absorption, Virtu has beeswax,” it added.

Indeed, the Liberty Premium Grooming Co Virtu Beard Balm provides a natural and healthy alternative to your beard’s need for strength and growth. Plus, it contains vitamin A, which gives a long-term moisturizing effect, and at the same time, locks the moisture into your beard.

Client man during beard shaving in barber shop

2. Beard Brush

Liberty Premium Grooming Co’s Beard Brush for the Modern­ Gentleman is guaranteed 100% firm boar bristle. This brush is an important tool to groom your mustache and beard with oil and balm.

With their beard brush, users will have the vital opportunity of strengthening their beard and facial hair. Not to mention, using this brush also removes the extra shed of hair from your beard and, yes, dead skin.

By using this brush beard once a day, you will be assured of a stylish, clean, and healthy-looking beard. On the other hand, as a word of caution, do not practice overbrushing or brushing more than once daily because this will eventually damage your beard.

Furthermore, the quality and the type of materials used in this product are tested for their superb quality. It is not made of vinyl or plastic, which could jeopardize the natural complexion of your beard. Plus, the classy handle of this beard brush is made from European Beech wood, so it is not going to break easily despite repeated use.

3. The oils

The oils are important to maintain the health and style of your facial hair. To avoid getting scratchy and wiry facial hairs, you can choose the wide selections of oil products from the Liberty Premium Grooming Co. Aside from the natural quality of the oils, they also smell fantastic!