How Often Should You Shave?

Do you shave every day? You’ll need some fundamental principles for males who can’t seem to control their 5 o’clock shadow. You should stick to a tight shave schedule, especially if you’re one of the select few who transforms into a grizzly porcupine at the stroke of midnight. 

Let’s go through the guidelines for people who are wondering, “How frequently should you shave your facial hair?” Since there are different colors of beard, you need to know. In addition, is it better to keep a soft beard or a hard beard? So, for you to understand more about shaving, take more time to read this article for you to know how often do shave your facial hair.

That so, it is understandable why men are still trying to figure out when the best moment is to shave their beards. This article explains how to shave on the best schedule possible. So just continue to read down below to gain insights about how often you should shave your beard or mustache.

A Guy’s Shaving Routine

Barber Shaving A Mans Beard

Frequent shaving is dependent on the appearance you want to achieve.  There are several shaving rules to follow depending on whether you want a slight stubble or a pristine, babyface finish.

  • Shaving Every Day. Puberty is when facial hair begins to appear. Teens can’t develop a complete beard right away; thus hair will grow in different places on the face. As you get closer to adulthood, such unevenness will fade away. Daily shaving exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells from your face, as well as promoting the skin’s regenerative properties.
  • Skipping a Day or Two. Maintaining a hairless face by shaving it every day, even if there isn’t much visible hair, might be frightening if you’re a newbie. For gentlemen with thin hair follicles, skipping a day or two is preferable because growth is not always visible. This timetable allows your skin to rest and recover before your next shave. It also helps hair to develop, giving you more confidence that you won’t wind up with cuts or razor bumps.
  • Shaving Once a Week. Shaving regularly might aggravate skin conditions, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Weekly shaving is recommended if your objective is to keep groomed without necessarily obtaining a flawless face. Shaving once a week is also recommended for individuals who don’t mind having a little facial hair and prefer to keep their beard in a stubble style.

When You Are Sticking To Stubble

Shaving every first or second day to keep your face hair-free – this shaving pattern will generally retain a clean-shaven look based on average hair growth trends.

As previously said, this frequency may vary based on your genetics and other variables. As a result, unlike the usual instance, it’s conceivable that you’ll have to shave every day just to keep your face clean. So, for you to able get more details about this matter. Let’s take a closer look at other factors that might be affecting your shaving schedule. 

Other Factors Affecting Your Shave Schedule

As you already know, there is a perfect schedule when you need to shave. These are some factors that affect your shaving time.

Hair Color. Dark-haired men must shave more frequently than light-haired men. The 5 O’Clock shadow will appear sooner since black hairs are more noticeable. When you have light hair, though, it may take a few days for your growth to show. Guys with slow hair growth patterns, such as blondes or ash browns, may require three days for their shadow to set. Hormones and diet are two more elements that influence hair growth patterns.

Hormones. There’s a reason how testosterone-fueled men are stereotyped as hairy human beings. When a man’s testosterone levels are high, his hair grows faster and thicker.

Here’s how it works: testosterone is transformed into DHT, a more powerful hormone that is also recognized as the sex hormone. The more DHT you have, the more beard-growing potential you’ll have—and the more intense your sex desire will be.

With increased DHT in your reproductive system, you may need to shave every day for a clean appearance and every other day for stubble maintenance. However, if your DHT levels are normal, you can adhere to the regular shaving routine based on normal hair growth patterns. And for those who have fewer tests

Diet. Do you consume enough fruits and vegetables? According to Healthline, your diet has an impact on hair development. A nutrient-deficient diet can result in delayed growth, but a nutritious diet can result in quicker growth. If you’re a healthy man, you may need to shave more frequently. And if you’re not just in good health but also have a genetic code for high hairiness and a lot of testosterone, you’re definitely one of the select few who has to shave every day. 

The Downside Of Shaving Too Often


This is important to always remember that guys who shave need to take special care of their faces. Because you’re losing dead skin cells more often, you’re more likely to stress your skin. This regimen can result in a variety of issues, including skin dryness, irritation, and redness.

However, you may avoid these problems while still shaving often. You’ll soften your harsh facial hair and prepare your face for a smooth, pleasant glide with a proper care routine that includes pre-shave oil and moisturizing shave cream. Razor burn will be less irritating, providing you the best benefits without the downsides.

The shaving habits aren’t all addressed the same way. Every man has his own set of guidelines, which vary depending on his health and heredity, as well as the style of beard he wears. So, while deciding how often to shave, consider your demands. If your shave schedule requires some organization, you may always join a shave club. 

Always turn to your skin for advice, whether you shave every day or simply once a week. You must make the necessary adjustments if it begins to exhibit indications of dryness or discomfort. This advice should assist you in finding the perfect combination of shaving frequency and comfort.