All About No-Shave November

Movember or No-Shave November is an annual event that involves men growing their facial hair for the entire month of November. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, suicide amongst men, and testicular cancer. The Movember Foundation runs the charity event and the charity is used for effective treatments. The Movember Foundation has been running the charity since 2004 and continues to raise awareness and raise funds. 


The origin of No Shave November dates back to 1999 when the Seven Nightly News aired a story involving a group of young men in Adelaida, South Australia who came up with the term “Movember” and the idea of growing beard for the entire month of November. In the news report, the members of the “Movember Committee” explained how they came up with the idea of No-Shave November while spending a night in the pub. 

In the beginning, the movement started with 80 men belonging to Adelaide and soon became a worldwide phenomenon. Then in 2004, an unrelated group in Melbourne organized an event where around 30 men would grow a mustache for 30 days to raise awareness about prostate cancer and depression amongst men. Till today, the movement has managed to raise around $174 million worldwide while spreading to countries like South Africa and America. Today, it is considered one of the most successful annual charity events taking place in the United States of America.

International Man of November

The International Man of November is chosen amongst 21 nationals from all over the world to wear the crown and become the face of the movement for the entire year. The contest is held by voting for each national man of November in that particular country’s main Gala Parte. The first champion named was Mark Knight in 2010 from London. However, considering the COVID-pandemic, the Movember Committee this year is finding it difficult to hold the contest. 


The Movember Movement along with the foundation has been surrounded by several controversies mostly related to financial statements and spending. Some news channels reported that the founders of the movement have been making quite a lot of money from it and are spending them on a lavish lifestyle and driving flashy cars. In November 2007, the Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand banned several graduating students from receiving end-of-year prizes for growing mustaches and the college even threatened to ban a senior student from their NCEA examination as well. 


Over the years, several prominent names have partnered with Movember to share and carry the message. For instance, Google Chrome in 2011 created a video by partnering with Movember. The video featured 11 real participants and how they utilized the web and to raise funds for the cause. Furthermore, in 2010 and 2011, Movember partnered with TOMS and created limited-edition Movember shoes for those who participated. Qantas also partnered with Movember in 2011 and painted a mustache on one of their airplanes. 


Since 2004, the Movember Foundation has used the Movember movement to raise awareness around the world, especially in Australia and New Zealand. The proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Beyond Blue etc. Following the campaign, the foundation initiated another campaign in 2007 in Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom, directing the proceeds to the relevant prostate cancer institutes. In addition to that, the Movember foundation introduced the event in the Republic of Ireland, the proceeds of which went to the Action Prostate Cancer.

Final Word

The Movember Foundation and its movement have benefitted many men across the globe. It continues to extend its reach and spread its branches to different parts of the world. Since the cause is genuine and authentic, more and more people donate to the movements taking place in different parts of the world while raising awareness at the same time as well.