Tips for Using Beard Balm and Oil Effectively

Taking care of your beard can be difficult most of the time, as the hairs of the beard can get frail pretty quickly, and it is often prone to getting too much dirt and grime, especially when you are eating. However, there are many products that we can use to properly maintain the shininess and cleanliness of our beard, and two of those products are beard balm and beard oil. Some men only use beard balm, while there are others that exclusively use beard oil after washing their beard. But, you can use both of these products simultaneously, although there are steps that you need to take in order to apply them effectively. Here is a guide on how to use beard balm and beard oil to maintain your beard.

Applying Beard Oil

Beard oil is a beard grooming product that is typically used to moisturize your beard and help them look fresher and less greasy. In addition to moisturizing the beard, beard oil is also effective in softening the hairs of the beard and letting them be less itchy on the skin. This product is usually utilized right after taking a bath and drying the beard, so it is recommended to apply beard oil first before the beard balm. Below are the steps you should follow to apply beard oil effectively.

  • Before you use beard oil, make sure that your beard is properly washed using beard shampoo or beard soap. After washing your beard, dry it using a face towel.
  • Put one or two drops of beard oil on one of your palms and start massaging your beard while also applying the beard oil on the hairs. You should also apply a little bit of oil on the skin underneath the beard to keep them moisturized.
  • Once you’ve massaged your beard with beard oil, get a beard brush and start brushing your beard in order to apply the oil evenly on the hairs.
  • You can repeat the same process at least twice or thrice a day, and make sure that you don’t rinse the beard oil out.

The beard oil is recommended to be used for any size or length of beard. It is specifically useful for those with short beards since it prevents the hairs from becoming itchy and irritating, while it is also beneficial for people with long beards because it prevents the hairs from becoming too greasy. You can use beard oil alone without the beard balm if you don’t want the scent or the benefits of the latter.

Applying Beard Balm

long beard

Beard balm is arguably the more versatile beard grooming product when you compare it to beard oil, as it not only moisturizes the beard but also helps condition and style it. So, if you have a relatively long beard, you can use beard balm to keep the hairs of your beard straight or correctly styled. Follow the steps below to apply beard balm properly.

  • Much like in using beard oil, you would first need to make sure that your beard is washed and cleaned before utilizing the beard balm. After washing, dry your beard using a face towel.
  • Open the container of the beard balm and use either your thumb or your index finger to get a sufficient amount of beard balm. Then, close the lid of the container and start spreading the balm on your finger to your hands. Rub your hands together to apply the beard balm thoroughly on both of them. The rubbing process also helps the balm to melt so that it can stick to the hairs of your beard better.
  • Before you can apply the balm to your hair, make sure that you apply it first to the skin underneath the beard. This step allows the balm to work its way towards the deeper parts of your beard to lock in the moisture of the hairs and your skin.
  • After applying to the skin, you can then start applying the balm to the hairs of your beard by massaging your facial hair thoroughly. Use both hands to gently apply the balm of the sides, on the front, and at the neckline of the beard.
  • Next, style your beard in your preferred look by using your hands to shape the beard hairs correctly.

Using both beard oil and beard balm at the same time will surely make your beard look even better. However, remember to apply only a sufficient amount for each product, as putting too much oil or balm on your beard can cause problems not only for the beard itself but also for your wallet since you will need to buy plenty of beard oil and beard balm each month. Learn to take advantage of each tiny amount of beard grooming products to have a hassle-free and effective way of maintaining the look of your beard.